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  1. Water Conditioner?

    You can use any water conditioner for all fish.. some are better then others because they do more but as long as it's a conditioner you are good to use it... hope this helped.
  2. 120 Gallon Filteration

    The fx6 is a superior filter and i think it will work great for a 120.
  3. Help Cloudy Water...? Need Treatment?

    If it is direct sun light as long as it is only for a short time you should be ok but that could cause algae in the tank.
  4. Help Cloudy Water...? Need Treatment?

    How long do you leave your light on you should stay around 6 to 8 hours of light with a few hours of moon light on in the evening.
  5. Help Cloudy Water...? Need Treatment?

    I would just keep an eye on my levels and leave it alone and do nothing for now and see if it clears up.
  6. Help Cloudy Water...? Need Treatment?

    Looks like a bacterial Blum caused by cleaning your filter media it should clear up in a few days no need to do anything.
  7. Led Light Suggestions For 40 gallon Breeder (low To Med Tech)

    The legs are ok to on my tank but I don’t have them out to far because I bought the 48”-53” and my tank is 48”x18x21” I also have class tops on my tank. Here are pictures of the light on my tank it is real bright and does a good job getting to the bottom of my tank.
  8. Led Light Suggestions For 40 gallon Breeder (low To Med Tech)

    The nicrew classic is a good light for the money I bought a 48" one about a month ago and it is good nice and bright for a 21" deep tank so for the 40 gal breeder should do good.
  9. Seachem Prime

    Prime is a Dechlorinater it is a full water conditioner also detoxifies nitrates nitrites and ammonia...
  10. Filter For Chemical

    A sun sun canister on Amazon not bad prices and they come with a uv light built in..
  11. Question Filtration For 125

    Any filter can leak canisters and hob I have had hob's leak and I I have had canisters leak both name brands and off brands so you if you go on the fact it could leak then pack it in and find a new hobby..
  12. Question Filtration For 125

    Welcome to fishlore.. There is no such thing as to much filtration IMO 2 canister filters are the way to go on your 125 gallon.. With the fx6 don't get my wrong it is a good filter but the price is high I would go with 2 sun sun 304b you can get them on Amazon for cheaper then the price of 1 fx6 the...
  13. Question Normal For Filter Media To Look Like This?

    Looks perfectly normal just rinse it in some tank water and put it back
  14. Pleco With Aquarium Salt?

    As to everything I have heard that is right because they don’t have scales like other fish they don’t tolerate salt in the water. The same goes for Cory’s , loaches , and any other fish that don’t have scales. This only goes to what I have been told and read I don’t use any additives but prime...
  15. Question Do You Name Your Fishies?

    I do but not all of them get names. It only happens when I get them home and get a close look at them and if a name pops in my head a that minute then that is what it will be. Ghost knifes are thing 1 and thing 2 Pleco is Fred Electric blue ram is Oscar And last my oldest and dearest my clown...
  16. Fluval Fx6 And Medications For Ich

    I would try to treat ich with higher temps. Raise your temp to 84f and add an air stone to the tank before adding meds to the water column. When finished do a deep gravel vacuum and water change. I have treated ich this way a few times with success.
  17. Help Ammonia High Betta Dieing Need Help With What Sponge Filter 2 Get

    Hope all is going well with your betta but to correct last post a cycled tank should show some nitrates they should be kept under 20ppm. This is done with water changes you can base your water change schedule on your readings most of the time it works out to be every week. You should show 0ppm...
  18. Help Filters Keep Losing Flow

    I to am at a lose but can you tell what is clogging your filter up when you clean it I take it is good after a cleaning how long does it take to slow down after the cleaning.
  19. Water Temperature

    You should raise your temp a bit they recommend 72f-79f I would pick a temp around mid 70s 75f-76f.
  20. Canister Filter Setup Mixing Mechanical And Bio

    Hi and welcome to fishlore. As stated before everyone has their opinion on biological media but no one is wrong. You use what works for you and that’s what counts. Biohome is a great bio media works as well as any of the others. I myself use pond matrix but that’s what I found works for me.

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