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  1. Question White Type Of Fungus? On My Neon Tetras

    I just had a little bit of inflammation on my betta's gill, and used Paraguard to treat him. It's a good all-around antibiotic that's good to have in the future. :>
  2. Pest Snails?

    If you want a cool addition to your tank and aren't overstocked with fish, an Assassin Snail is a fun tankmate for a 20 gal! They munch on the smaller pest snails, but seem to leave fish alone. I haven't put them with any larger snails like Nerites or Mysteries, so I can't really vouch for them...
  3. Best Filter For A 5.5 Gallon?

    Hi sorry for not replying in a while! All these exams and holiday prepping has kept me well busy! To answer a few questions: I have a betta, that's all I'm stocking. I was looking for a 3 media filter and I actually have the Azoo Palm Filter (flow control and a sponge intake cover SO lovely)...
  4. Best Filter For A 5.5 Gallon?

    Hello! I was asking since smaller tanks seem to be plagued with the most misinformation. I'd really like a power filter, but I'm open to ideas.
  5. Corydoras Has White Fuzzy On Head

    Okay thank you guys so much!! I was planning on getting Pimafix, should I look for anything else? I've been worried for him he's such a lil trooper
  6. Corydoras Has White Fuzzy On Head

    Hello! So my Cory Cat, Wreck-Gar, was getting a lesion on his face that looked very similar to hole in the head. However, when I treated him for it, the lesion seemed to close up and grow out into a white poff. I tried to gently remove some of it with tweezers, but I think it's firmly rooted in...
  7. Green Spotted Puffer Tankmates

    Thought this little snippet might help start you out on tank mates and the like. Congrats on the new tank! Tetraodon nigroviridis (Green Spotted Puffer)
  8. Is My Betta Sick?

    So after reading through this, I'd like to ask you if the sponge you used was a dish sponge. If so, I would take it out, as far too many dish sponges are made with an antibacterial or anti mildew agent that can harm your fish. A good replacement for it would be a sponge intake cover such as...
  9. Betta Questions

    Marimos are a type of algae that originate in Japan from the currents rolling algae along. They are beneficial in the way a regular aquarium plant is in the fact that they take nutrients from the tank and filter the water a little bit. They also put oxygen into the water for the fish. They...
  10. Need Help! First Time Breeding(not Planned)

    From reading, it seems that these fish take to hiding spots and need lots of caves and plants in order to successfully breed. Is your tank pretty covered?
  11. Need Help! First Time Breeding(not Planned)

    Why do you think she is stressed? Does she have any symptoms of stress?
  12. Catfish And Betta?

    Well, there are the Pygmy Cories. Would those work here? Most sites say they are good for 10 gallons.
  13. Best Sufrace Plants?

    Water Sprite is a fun plant! Makes a lovely canopy at the top and grows pretty fast. Roots are present, but good for catching particles that shrimp can chow down on.
  14. All About Copepods!

    Yes, Cyclopoida! They're so cute. ♡ How do you sex them? It makes sense that their population would slow with no addition of food. It's cool to think about stuff like that! :> Also update: I found a small worm that I'm pretty sure is a Planarian from the movements. I know they feed on the...
  15. All About Copepods!

    Hello! So I recently changed the substrate for my 2.5 gallon tank to start keeping plants. I switched to Fluorite by Seachem and purchased at LFS. I got everything set up and the dust was just settled when I noticed a small buglike creature skittering around my tank. Turns out it was a Copepod...
  16. Is This Fin Rott On My Betta ??

    Doing more frequent water changes and keeping the water pristine will allow the fin to heal naturally over time. If there are no inverts or guppies in your tank, you can also dose some aquarium salt since your case seems to be a little more advanced than just a little fraying of the fins.
  17. What Happened To My Siamese Fighter And How I Can I Treat Him?

    If you think he might drown, a breeding net would help keep him closer to the surface of the tank since his fins are gimpy at the moment. Other than that all I can recommend is just giving him time to recover from whatever ailed him. I hope he feels better soon!
  18. What Is This Critter?

    Looks like some Mosquito pupae. I hunted down a couple of articles on dealing with them. :> How to Have a Pond without Having Mosquitoes |
  19. Anyone Have Issues?

    Oh yeah haha I've been better for a while! :> It was a one time surgery back in 2012 and once everything healed, I haven't had any pain. It's just that the hardware can come undone if I do any intense sports or try to lift something too heavy, so I stay away from that kind of stuff! My family...
  20. My Fishes Rubbing Gills

    I'm not exactly sure what to comment on the tanks, as koi and goldfish are not in my direct field of experience, but I'd like to note that even with rainwater, toxins from the fish can still easily build up as much as conditioned tap water can. I would test the rainwater before putting it into...

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