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  1. Cycling with Ammonium Chloride

    Anybody have any experience with cycling with Ammonium Chloride instead of liquid Ammonia? I've read it's nearly identical.
  2. Stocking ideas

    Hey guys, first post in a while, I've got a new 182 litre tank busy cycling. I'm pretty set on a pair on Kribs and a few Keyhole cichlids. Any other suggestions?
  3. kribensis cichlids for sale

    i have about 32 kribs that are 2-5cm long need them gone for my next breeding project (keyhole cichlids) $3 each 5 for $10 10 for $20 15 for $30 or $70 for the lot
  4. breeding keyhole cichlids

    hi guys how many keyholes could i have in a 40gl if i want to breed them? i cant tel the difference between males and females so i just want to put a few in my 40gl and ee if any pair up also any tips on how to breed them would be helpful.
  5. kribensis eggs

    hi all i am very excited to about my pair of kribs who have layed eggs for the first time! it is in my 40gl community tank but the eggs are in a very safe place (behind rocks right at the back of the tank) and the parents are guarding them as well. what can i feed them? ive heard that in...
  6. oscar tank

    how long would an oscar be abble to live in a 20gl before needing to be upgraded to 45gl and then from the 45gl to a 70gl?
  7. kribensis colony

    what would be the ideal mix of males and females in a kribensis colony of 8 and 10 and what size tank would be best
  8. krib behaviour

    i recently added a male kribensis to my 40gl tank along with my female and she has been chasing him and softly nipping at him, is this normal or is she being aggressive towards him? i can move it to my other tank if needed but i really want them to breed thanks
  9. stocking my 40gl

    key hole cichlids hi guys how do keyhole cichlids do in community tanks? they will be with big swordtails,kribs,gouramis,plecos and danios.
  10. rams in a 20gl

    hi i want to get some rams but not sure what type. which is the hardiest type? also would kribs and rams get along?
  11. breeding kribs

    hi i need advice on breeding kribs. literally anything you can think of that would help me. especially what to feed the fry also temp ph and other stuff like that. Thanks
  12. new to shrimp

    hi someone is giving me about 20 cherry shrimp for free but i dont know anything about them. ive heard they like java moss but how hard is java mos to care for and also how much do the shrimp add to the bio load of the tank
  13. convicts and tank mates!

    hi all i have a 20gl tank that is currently only housing my one female convict cichlid. is there any fisdh that i can keep with her other than a male convict cichlid? i dont want babies. i was thinking about another female convict or a jewel cichlid or a firemouth
  14. cichlids

    hi i am planning on getting a convict and a firemouth for my new 40gl tank and i wanted to know if they would breed. i dont want to sell them i just want to maybe keep one of them to see what it looks like when it older. how hard would this be and what could i feed to the fry?
  15. cichlids

    hi i need some help for stocking my new 40gl with cichlids. here are all of the cichlids that the lfs that i buy from ( i have never bought bad fish from here) stock. i need suggestions on which would be good and how many. convicts-$10 peacocks-$20-$25 zaire river blackheads/humpheads-$17...
  16. cichlids

    ok well i have finally aquired a stand for my tank so it is only a few days before i set it up. now my lfs has recently got in new cichlids and they looks awesome! they got peacock cichlids,convict cichlids and zebra cichlids for $10 each could i maybe do like 1 convict 4 peacocks/zebras 1...
  17. kribs and tank mates

    hi am am setting up a 40gl in a few weeks and i have narrowed down my potential list of fish i can choose from to: any type of gourami(except for giant and kissing) kribs angels corys clown loaches (will upgrade when they get too big) rosy barbs i am open to any suggestions and what...
  18. alkaline hard water species

    hi am looking for suggestions for my new 40gl tank. the water that i use is mildly hard and alkaline. except for guppies,mollys and platys what could i keep in this tank that woud do well in a community tank that is alright with hard and alkaling water?
  19. so excited

    i bought a 40gl tank with filter heater and just about everything else for $60. i am so excited to set it up. i will put some pics up soon. i want to stock it with: 10 Platys 3 Honey Gouramis 6 Corys and 1 or two big fish any comments?
  20. How Do I gain reputation?

    how do i gain reputation?

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