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  1. Question prego molly

    my mollies have babys all the time I just leave them alone and the fry seem always be ok. keep lots of plants and places for them to hide.
  2. Question pearl gourmai help

    ya I am leary about it too but I thought it would be safe to ask first and hear some members thoughts thanks Meenu.
  3. Question pearl gourmai help

    I have two pearls that are of a good size that I want to move. Does anyone know if they would hold there own with some small electric yellow ciclids?
  4. Question clown knife

    mine just ate some frozen blood worm I am trying to mix the food up so the feeders can be more of a treat.
  5. Question clown knife

    thanks Jaysee
  6. Dwarf Gourami survival???

    it took a couple trys but i did finally get some good healthy ones that are a lovely addition to my community tank.
  7. Injured or sick pleco

  8. Question clown knife

    thanks brian.
  9. Question Glass Catfish

    they will be fine I am sure, angel fish are territorial so as long as they have there own space should be ok
  10. Injured or sick pleco

    what other fish do you have with him?
  11. AngelFish With 6 Platy and 3 Peppered Corydoras in a 29 Gallon

    bottem dwellers kuhlie loaches are cool, middle swimmers nean tetras, high swimmers maybe a gourmai
  12. Question clown knife

    my clown knife is a new addition prob just getting ajusted to his new home
  13. Question clown knife

    I raise my own feeder fish I have them in diffrent sizes.
  14. Question clown knife

    my tanks fully mature 6 months old water peremiters are good, I bought the fish last saturday. he is about 3 inches and the molly fry are very tiny still not too big for him to eat.
  15. Question clown knife

    I have hew born baby molly fry in the tank I have some hollowed out driftwood and little rock caves so he can hide, and some tall water plants.
  16. Question clown knife

    thanks for the reply I currently have him housed in a 70 gallon tank. so far the only prob is I don't think he is eating much. I have bloodworm and some molly fry on hand.
  17. Question clown knife

    I have 1 my brother is taking the other one
  18. Question clown knife

    does anyone know how fast clown knifes grow mine are 3 inches right now. thanks.
  19. Dwarf Gourami survival???

    I have had mytwo dg for 8 months and they are very healthy, they are in my comunity tank with an asortment of other fish. prior to me getting them I did have probs with ones I bought before only lasting a couple weeks I almost gave up on buying them.

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