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  1. Pukani Rock

    oh well never mind sucks, i really wanted rocks on my Community tank.
  2. Powerheads

    What make live rock alive is the organism living inside the rock, including bacteria. I use Utah rock works very well on my reef tank, never used any rock that comes from a reef. I just hate the splashing sound hob makes and to make it stop i need to fill the tank to almost to the top, i...
  3. Powerheads

    I'm pretty sure it's about the same, the denitrifying is going to build on the sand and rock instead of the filters. obviously im going to let the bacteria build before removing the filters
  4. Powerheads

    Two drs foster smith HOB filters rate 350GPH each. My ultimate plan is to use sand and rock to be my natural filtration
  5. Sand for Community Tank

    is it really safe? for fish usage?
  6. Pukani Rock

    I was wondering if i can use Pukani Rock from Bulk reef supply for my Freshwater community tank?
  7. Powerheads

    I'm planning to add Powerheads to a 75 gallon community tank and was wondering what type of rating i should get and how many
  8. Sand for Community Tank

    I was wondering where i can find a sand substrate that won't effect the water parameter.
  9. 55 Gallon Tank Piranhas

    Thats pretty sweet. I dont know why people are scare of piranhas biting their hands, they only eat cold blooded prey.
  10. If you could have any fish in the world, what would it be?

    For me it would be Lighting Maroon clownfish, or Gem tang. Achilles or Moorish Idol would be my plan B
  11. Freshwater Macro algae

    I was wondering if freshwater have Macro algae like Marine macro algae
  12. 75 Gallon Tank PAR Readings

    Thats for corals. What about Freshwater plants
  13. 75 Gallon Tank PAR Readings

    Today i got PAR readings on my Tank, and here what they are Bottom of the Tank: 48 Middle of the Tank: 60 Below the Water Line: 115 Above the Water: 150 My Tank is 20in Deep. Is there any Plants that can be used on the bottom of the Tank? if so what are their names?
  14. This is crawling around on our glass

    are you talking about the white blob close to the pick rock?
  15. RO systems

    well i narrow down to 2 choices and wanted to check out your guys opinions Reverse Osmosis 2 OUTPUT RODI WaterFilter. Extreme Typhoon 3. I have 2 75 gallon tanks and want to use for drinking it thx in advance
  16. 180 gallon lights

    if you want the best lighting get this fixture this will grow anything on your tank
  17. Will my fixture support plant

    oh good today i bought a 10k 55W now my fixture is 110W does it make any difference? also its blue actinic should figure that it only works on corals.
  18. Will my fixture support plant

    Hello i want to adventure to owning real plants Currently I own a 55W 50/50 PC light will this support plant life? its a 30 Gallon tank
  19. 29 gallon Reef Tank

    Welcome to my ocean (Im still a noob on photographing ) Tank Specs: 29 gallon Tank (soon to be upgraded) 29 gallon Sump NH4: 0PPM NO2: 0PPM NO3: 0.5PPM PO: 0.5PPM CA: 400PPM MG: 1300PPM DKH: 11 PH: 8.3 Corals: 2 Frogspawn 1 Torch coral 1 Hammer Coral 6 head Alien Favia 1 Pink Birdnest 1...
  20. can airstone lights& ario volcano light be inside fowlrtank

    You can if you wash them. the only problem with airstone is salt splattering all over your equipment. if you like extra cleanin i would go for it.

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