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  1. molly is acting strange

    hi all!! molly is acting very weird, this morning until about 4:30 he was fine and now he is just laying at the bottom of the tank as if he is dieing :'( if i walk up to the tank where he is laying he gets more active nad swims around as if normal and ends up back where he started. i just...
  2. darn ammonia!

    i am still having trouble with my ammonia i have been doing 30% water changes everyday for over a week and i cant get it below 2.0. my nitrites are at .25 and nitrates are 5.0 so basicailly nothing has changed. i know i am still cycling but shouldnt i see a drop in ammonia with the water changes?
  3. i think i am ready !!!!

    i just tested my water today, and i think i may be ready for more fish but i want to know for sure before going to the pet store. my readings are this: pH - 7.0 nitrites - .25 nitrates-0...could be a little higher, but color wasnt near dark enough to be in the 5 range ammonia-2 should i pick...
  4. misled again by the pet store....i think

    me again ;D i was at the local pet store yesterday and i mentioned that i vaccumed the gravel as i was doing my first water change ant the guy told me i did the wrong thing and "set my cycle back at least a few days" this true? from what i can put togeather from other posts i should vaccum...

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