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  1. 75 Gallon Tank Stocking Help Please

    tanks size is 120/60/45cmH (297L - photo below) running two bio master 600s (1250LPH X2) currant stocking: 12 ottos 8 blue jelly shrimp 10 amano shrimp My main question is realistically how many corydoras pymaeus would i be able to add, Id like at least 20 but no idea if thats really...
  2. Dino's Tiny Tank (45f)

    set up Tank: ADA 45F (45 x 24 x 16H) light: ADA Aquasky 451 with mirror unit filter: Eheim classic 250 (440L p/H) pipes: Eheim spray bar ( waiting on 'spin' pipe) substrate: Tropica aquarium soil ( top ) Tropica plant growth substrate ( 1-2cm under layer) rocks: seiryu stone wood...
  3. Stocking Ideas (4gallon;45x24x16)

    hello, I have a 17 litter tank on the way which is 45cm x 24cm and 16cm in hight. knowing me i will most likely end up running a canister filter so water vol will be more then 17 litters, 2oL or so without displacement. few faults i have had so far are; shrimp tank a plant only tank (mainly...
  4. Calculator Website (ferts,light,co2)

    Came across a pretty useful website while on youtube, fault some people on here would find it useful for their planted tanks. It has calculates for working out fertiliser(dry/pre mixed), lighting and co2. Their is also a page of deficiency in plants as well as algae but are missing some s...
  5. Pearling Plants No Co2

    Noticed a week or so after changing my light some of my plants seem to pearl a bit. It's not a crazy amount, 2-3 bubles every 10 seconds or so. Just wondring if this is common.
  6. Likes & Accents

    'You like jazz?'
  7. Who Has Hamsters?

    It's clening time for my hamster smudge and was just wondering. I know 99% of people who use this forum have an intrest in aquatic life but who has hamsters? Photos very welcome!
  8. This Should Be Fun...

    On the road to a 300 litter!
  9. Plant Deficiency

    Hello need a bit of help identify what my plants are lacking. If any one could shed some light on to this be much appreciated. These plants have been in tank for 35 days, java fern for a year or so (was never the best growing). Plants in photos Hygrophila polysperma lobelia cardinalis Java fern
  10. Filter Upgrade For 60l

    Hello, i am looking in to upgrading my filter for my 60l. i am looking at trying to get clearer water as at the moment i have a lot of small floating particles which do not get picked up by my filter. the filters i am looking at are fluval u2(400LPH)/u3(600LPH)/u4(1000LPH). at the moment i am...
  11. Nitrate In Tapwater

    IMG_1403 by 62nights posted Apr 27, 2017 at 10:15 PMHello, need a few suggestions on a nitrate being very high in my tap water. I have a 15 gallon tank which was a recently upgrade for my guppy. It has been running around 3 months now, used sponge filter to get thing going for a week and then fish...

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