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  1. Coral ID?

    Hi got 2 corals in my tank zoas and pulsing Xenia found these two pollop type things that open and close quite often no idea what they are or where they came from? any ideas? Sorry for the bad pics ahah
  2. Saltwater Coral Growing

    Hi I’ve gone ahead and set up a saltwater aquarium with fake “live rock” would I still be able to grow corals down the line if I decided to upgrade the lighting in the future?
  3. First Saltwater Aquarium

    looking at starting with saltwater after keeping tropical freshwater aquariums what’s the cheapest and best way to get into keeping marine fish when it comes to a set up?
  4. How To Make A Bow Tank Open Top

    Hi I want to make my Juwel vision 180 open top but have fish which jump in the tank how would I be able to get a frame or make a frame for the mesh to cover the top?

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