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  1. Too many changes? I think I've stressed my fish :(

    He may have some kind of vision issues, have you tried the moonlight on his tank, maybe it is the type of light ( led ) or color spectrum, or kelvin temp. Try a 12/13 watt CF aim it from the side. Could he have been abused by a previous care taker?
  2. Too many changes? I think I've stressed my fish :(

    Now that is a lucky betta, whose human servant can play musical tanks just for him!
  3. Too many changes? I think I've stressed my fish :(

    Try some floating plants, or plants that will offer some cover from above, so that he will feel more secure.
  4. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    It depends on the type of external filter, Aquaclear is IMHO the best for bio media of any HOB ( hang on back ) filter. Canister filters offer even greater bio media areas.
  5. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    A guy on youtube called Pondguru shows how to make simple, cheap bio filters, out of various plastic bottles, air pumps, and bio media. For your tank to be successful you will need to kick up it's bio filter.
  6. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    For goldfish bare bottom is a much better way to go, for daily poop removal.
  7. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    While your filter is ok, it's limited in the bio media department. A Aquaclear 70 or even 110 would be able to handle your poop machines so much better.
  8. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    Your fish and the TSS will work together at the same time... adding the TSS to the filter just gives the bio media a good boost. Since you don't have gravel, most of the surface for bb to grow is going to be in the filter.
  9. Added fish without doing the nitrogen cycle..

    I don't think you need to move them, just shake the bottle and pour directly in the filter. If you are using Seachem Prime wait 24 hrs b4 you add TSS.
  10. Betta with TB?

    Research it, I never said that it detoxifies nitrite, it will help the fish by allowing the blood in their gills to absorb more o2.
  11. Java Ferns

    Over the years I have noticed that java ferns tend to get black spots if the water is hard.
  12. Betta with TB?

    I agree with el337 your fish is suffering from nitrite exposure, he is slowly suffocating. If you can move him to a shallow container, so he can get some air that may help. A temporary treatment of 1 TSP of AQ or kosher salt to one gallon of water has saved many fish from nitrite poisoning...
  13. Terra Cotta Pots & Plant Placement

    Place the sword off center, java moss on the branch would kick it up a notch, anubias and or java fern glued to the pots would help to transform from functional cave to inviting decor. Even as is, that is a very nice tank.
  14. Will my HOB filters be sufficient for all my fish

    They are not immune, some species of cichlids need to be overstocked to avert aggression. In those type of tanks a large sump is used to increase the water volume, so a 150 gallon tank will often have almost the same amount for the water volume is doubled.
  15. Will my HOB filters be sufficient for all my fish

    Bacterial diseases such as coulmaris / septicemia are brought on by overstocked tanks. Viral / iridovirus are common in dwarf gourami and overcrowding & the stress that it causes will weaken the fishes immune system, resulting in death. Overstocked tanks are not conducive to successful fish...
  16. What went wrong?

    Well, a goldfish can get really big & when you say guppies they are also known as " the million fish" for a good reason, so being overstocked is quite possible. 5 guppies can become hundreds in a years time.
  17. Somethings not right - fish dying

    Everyone has given you excellent advise, I also am thinking it's a toxin. As a precaution Toss the food in the bin, replace with fresh, and use disposable food handlers gloves when you feed. Good luck.
  18. Seeking help with beginner struggles.

    Besides the wrong type of fish that are stocked, what i don't understand is how your ph could be so high when you are using distilled water? Distilled water is inert, and not suitable for fish or plants, it has no minerals. Good luck.
  19. Will my HOB filters be sufficient for all my fish

    Is the total Gourami count 9 or ? Gourami don't like a lot of surface movement, so adding another filter could upset them. I would re home the SAE asap. When you have an overstocked tank everything may seem like it;s going fine, until it opens the door to some very ugly diseases. when the...
  20. New 20 long tank, planted...cycling with fish/TSS question

    Did you use use Prime when you filled it on 8/27 so heavy metals & chloramine are now harmless? If you did, then add the TSS and the White clouds at the same time, sit back and enjoy! White Clouds are such great little fish, they never complain.

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