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  1. Question Does My Kirin Parrot Have A Disease

    Hi there just wanted to know if my Kirin parrot has a disease or not because he normally doesn’t have a giant black spot that covers his mouth but I noticed it last night
  2. Question Frontosa Sick

    So my frontosa developed a patch of white skin over night and I think it’s fin rot but not 100%
  3. Funny Green Texas Felt Photogenic Lol

  4. Took A Picture Of My Acara The Other Day:)

  5. Question Is My Green Spotted Puffer Okay In A 20 gallon High

    Hi I have a gps puffer and he’s about 2 1/2 inches and I wanna keep him Permanently in a 20 gallon high and I am running heavy filtration on it since puffers are messy from what I’ve read i have 1 single gsp in his own personal 20 gallon high and are running a sponge filter and a marine land 200 is this...
  6. Help Pleco Id Please

  7. My Fish Stopped Eating And I Suspect It’s A Problem

    okay so last night I got home from work and I go to feed my fish and they didn’t wanna eat at all. I just thought “maybe their not hungry?” And I wake up to realize that my loach is dead(overnight) and they don’t wanna eat again. So my question is does any body have suggestions. (They usually...
  8. Stocking Question

    Can I put a clown knife fish and a shovel nose cat in a 175 gallon for long term?
  9. 50 Gallon Wide Stocking Ideas

    i have a 50 gallon with Africans in it right now but very few (two 5 inch pecocks). Any ideas as two what I can put in there that stays in the 5 inch range?pH is 8.0
  10. In Need Of Stocking Ideas

    so I currently have a 100 gallon and I have a green Texas (8 1/2 inches very mellow) green terror (again very mellow 5 inches) a frontosa (6 1/2 inches full grown due to deformities mellow) a acara (4 inches mellow) and two African cichlids that max out at about 5 inches so my question is what...
  11. Purple Rose Queen

    about two days ago I purchased a purple rose queen and the firs night, she attacked a couple of fish in the tank and today I took her out and put her in a bucket to for a couple hours with a heater and airator and now she’s back in the tank but seems to have calmed down significantly. My...
  12. Adding A Purple Rose Queen To My Tank

    I want to add a purple rose queen to my hundred gallon fish tank I currently have a blood parrot, green terror, a frontosa, a acara, and two African cichlids water parameters are in order the purple Rose Queen is about 7 1/2 inches. I would like to know if there would be problems between the...
  13. I Think My Frontosa Is Sick

    a couple days ago my frontosa started looking like this and I’m very worried about him because he is constantly inchinging himself and doesn’t come out like he used too. I’d like some Insight as to what it might be and how to treat it I’m worried about him because he isn’t acting normal any...
  14. My Moray Eel Is Dying And Idk Why

    okay so a couple weeks ago I got a eel and now he’s on the floor of the tank dying what do I do need help!!!!!(I fed him brine shrimp and krill) water ph is a 7.2 temp of the tank is 79 constantly and my ammonia is 0
  15. Question Is My Blue Moori A Ticking Time Bomb?

    hi, recently I received a blue moori from my local fish store for free because of his age (10 years old) I am curious if he could just drop dead any day now. He’s healthy and doesn’t do anything different than normal fish behavior.
  16. Add A New Thai Silk Flowerhorn

    i have a cichlid tank that is do very well at the moment and I want to add a Thai silk from my local fish store. I wanted to take precautions before buying a 90 dollar fish lol (he’s about 4.5 inches). My current tank stocking is- 1x parrot fish 8.5 inch,1x frontosa cichlid 6inch(done growing if...
  17. Is My Tank Over Stocked?

    Hi there I wanted to know if my tank was over stocked. I have a 100 gallon tank with a 8 1/2 inch parrot (done growing,hasn’t gained a inch in a year) , a 6inch frontosa, 2x 3inch green terrors, a African cichlid unknown 2 inch, a SRD FH 4 1/2, a red spotted sevrum 4 inch, trophy cichlid 3...

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