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  1. Can some one tell me what this plant is?

    Hey folks, I put a piece of Cholla Wood in my tank a few months ago, it had a green fern like plant growing on it. I liked the way it looked so I didnt take it off but it has really grown and grown while my grass has not. I was wondering if any one could tell me what the plant is Thanks in advance
  2. Plants Maybe Not Doing Well

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I didn't know about breaking it apart.. I did end up breaking up the one on the left side of the tank.. I pulled it up by accident when vacuuming the tank and so I pulled it apart into 2 clumps lol.. probably could have spread it way more. I will look into some of...
  3. Plants Maybe Not Doing Well

    So I just recently (Perhaps a month ago) got into having a few plants in my tank. It is only a 10 gallon tank and I am a beginner. I am noticing that my snail is going to town on the plant in the center. He eats it more than anything else. Also the plant has gone from being bright green to being...
  4. Plant 4

    Plant 4

  5. Plant 3

    Plant 3

  6. Plant iss 2

    Plant iss 2

  7. Plant issue

    Plant issue

  8. Tank 7-9

    Tank 7-9

  9. Tragedy.... Turned Awesome Experience/story

    So looking into it. I am not sure he died just from whatever was wrong with him. Our roommate saw the fish in his container on the back porch and brought it inside so that his cat wouldnt eat it. I am thinking the water temp got too low.. it felt very cold when I stirred it around trying to see...
  10. Tragedy.... Turned Awesome Experience/story

    My tap water runs about .25ppm to almost .5ppm. So I have been using Amguard when changing the water as well as Prime. So we ran out to get a 5 gallon tank/heater and pump.. got back and the lil dude is dead. All other fish in main tank are fine. But I guess it was too much for him to keep fighting...
  11. Tragedy.... Turned Awesome Experience/story

    Ammonia is under .25ppm Nitrites are around 0 (under .25mppm) pH is 7.2 it seems. I do not know how to check KH or GH. I do a 40% WC every week. There are 5 (4 atm) guppies, 1 cherry shrimp and an Inca snail. it is a 10 gallon tank. I will try to go get a little 5 gallon tank for the solo guppy and get him...
  12. Tragedy.... Turned Awesome Experience/story

    So this morning I got up and went to my fish tank to turn on the light ( I am not fancy or affluent enough atm to have a timed light, I'll get there) and I notice that one of my guppies is laying upside in the bottom of the tank. I was stricken at first, and so with a sad hand, I went to grab...
  13. I Got A Few Plants...

    Thanks for that awesome info. Are those safe to use with my shrimp and snail?
  14. I Got A Few Plants...

    Flourish Excel and 1 ml every 3rd day
  15. I Got A Few Plants...

    I am just using a liquid fertilizer
  16. I Got A Few Plants...

    So I got a few plants and some moss balls. And I got some substrate off Amazon and some liquid fertilizer and the pic is what I have going on. I am worried I don't have enough substrate or that I will kill these plants. It's a 10 gallon with 5 guppies and an inca snail.. And apparently a cherry...
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  19. Grass 1

    Grass 1

  20. Plant 1

    Plant 1

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