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  1. New Guppy

    Please do
  2. New Guppy

    I'd like to see the results of that.
  3. New Guppy

    Thanks you all. I was worried because I've never saw, well, any livebearer that had a really long gono. The picture really doesn't do him justice, though. He has an iridescent blue along his back.
  4. New Guppy

    I bought this guppy yesterday. It's color was beautiful. My question is can this male guppy breed? His gono. is really long instead of short like other male guppies.
  5. Just hanging out

    Scrappy just hanging out from my Frogbit.
  6. Want to try keeping shrimp

    I was going to say the same as CoryFan. Get some ghost shrimp and see if it becomes a blood bath.
  7. Dwarf Crays

    Are you talking about the true dwarves? They can harm fish, but it's really rare. If they can find a sick, dying, or dead fish, they will definitely take advantage. Your cray will enjoy all of the hiding spots.
  8. A guess

    I'm using root tabs. I moved it recently. It was in the shadow of a regular sword and was not in the best shape. Now, it's starting to put out lots of new growth from within. I believe I will cut off the outer leaves that don't look healthy.
  9. A guess

    I've had this little sword plant for some time and it's just now starting to grow. Can anyone tell me what kind of sword it is?
  10. Question Cuttlebone stinks after being in tank

    I work in a water resource lab. The next time I change the cuttlebone in my tank, I'm going to see what results I may get in some of our common tests concerning that outer gross and stink of an old cuttlebone.
  11. Frogbit

    It's a little bigger than Frogbit, but it doesn't grow as quickly
  12. Frogbit

    I've got both Frogbit and Water Lettuce and the Frogbit grows several times more than the Water Lettuce.
  13. Frogbit

    I didn't realize Frogbit grew as fast as it does. This picture was taken today, two weeks since I thinned it out so that there was only 1/3 of the water covered. I'm glad it's sucks up Nitrates quickly.
  14. Fresh Molt

    A dwarf shouldn't be much of a threat to a Cory. I had 3 CPOs in a 10gallon aquarium with a bunch of cherry shrimp and I saw very little predation from the crays.
  15. Fresh Molt

    Is the cray that you have a regular sized cray? If so, it would probably eat a dwarf cray. Also, the good thing about the dwarf crays is that they are not strictly nocturnal so you will see them out and about throughout the day.
  16. Fresh Molt

    They will stay really small, so they're really not much of a threat. They're, for the most part, non-agressive so they shouldn't bother your inhabitants unless they're sick and aren't moving much.
  17. Fresh Molt

    You know, for some reason, he never eats his old shell. I leave it in there for a while just in case, but I usually end up pulling it out.
  18. Fresh Molt

    Simba had a fresh molt and now he's just hanging out in the jungle waiting for his shell to harden back up.
  19. Cray Molting

    It just didn't have the strength to pull its legs through the molt. That leaves me with one. Thankfully, this one seems to be in pretty good health.
  20. Cray Molting

    That's a real possibility.

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