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  1. Blood Parrot Tanks

    Hello everyone. I am most likely getting my 2nd tank soon with the holidays coming up and I want to start a blood parrot tank. I was thinking of maybe a 55 or a 75. How many could a fit in each? Do they need anything special?
  2. Question Water Changes/Priming Goldfish Tank

    Hello everyone. If you have seen any of my posts you know I'm a rookie aquarist. I'm currently cycling my tank. I added TSS on Tuesday. So after my tank is cycled I was wondering how often I should do partial water changes? When should I prime the water? Should I prime it after a water change...
  3. How to Use Tetra Safe Start

    I'm going to use TSS today for the first time. I was talking to another member and he told me to prime my water, wait 24 hours, and add the TSS. Do I just poor the TSS in the tank? Or should I do it in my filter?
  4. Help Specs on Goldfish/Cycle Tank

    I am restarting my tank tomorrow and today my fish got these white spots on them. I'm changing 100% of my water, priming it,waiting 24 hours, and then adding TSS. could those spots be Ick? If I'm changing all my water will it get rid of it? What should I do?
  5. Help I Need Help With My New Tank!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm a new aquarium owner and I need help. I started my 30 gallon tank on the 8th. I have a Oranda Goldfish and 2 Panda Butterfly Goldish. I joined here to make sure I fully understand how to make my tank safe for my fish. Now on here I was told about the Nitrogen Cycle. I...
  6. Check Out My Ferrets

    The first 2 pictures are Buck. The last 2 are Heidi PS: Do you know how hard it is to photograph a ferret? lol
  7. Check Out My Chinchilla

    Actually this is my girlfriends chinchilla. I got it for her for a anniversary gift. His name is Deigo.
  8. Question Figure 8 Puffer Tank

    I plan on starting my 2nd tank within this week. I want to get 1 or 2 figure 8 puffers. Would a 15-20 gallon tank be okay for them? I know that they like a lot of different places to hide. What should I feed them? Should I have a heater in the tank? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. And...
  9. What Kind of Goldfish Is This?

    I bought this goldfish 2 days ago, but he didn't have a tag for him. Do you know what kind he is?
  10. Panda Butterfly Goldfish

    I just started a new aquarium. I have a 30 gallon tank and I got it all set up and working. So I went to my local aquarium and saw these cool looking goldfish I have never seen before. They are called Panda Butterfly Goldfish. I have never seen them before. They are white and black. I bought 2...

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