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  1. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    I agree.
  2. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    I was thinking melanistius for the black and white guys. Still not too sure on the other guy yet but thanks guys for the help!
  3. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    It's fast and very shy but I'll keep trying to get a decent pic lol
  4. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    This is the other one.
  5. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    Ya I have absolutely no clue. My fish guy just said that they came in as assorted so he had no way of knowing for sure. But they seem happy and active and so far healthy.
  6. Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    Got these thinking they were pandas and they are so not pandas so need to know what kind they are so they can go in the proper tank. The one I know was definitely not a panda but looked so different than any I saw before I got it anyways (yes I know bad bad but figured better off with me where I...
  7. Cory Eggs Gone

    We recently noticed Cory eggs on our tank wall and believe our bronze and albino to be the culprit. But the next morning the eggs were all gone. I read that the parents will eat the eggs. Is there a way to prevent this without having to put parents in a breeder and take them out after they spawn?
  8. New Plecos!!

    I recently purchased 3 new addictions to my plecos and a much bigger tank yay!!!! My aquarium guy had a gold nugget, a snowball, and a false zebra!!!! I got him to hold them for me while I went and bought a new home and cycled it. I used cycle booster and water from one of my year old tanks to...
  9. PLECOS!! share yours

    Col Mustard has been a lot more social lately. Just can't get over how pretty he is lol
  10. Help What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Snail Infestation???!!!

    I have a skunk botia in there (a loach) and a rubber lip pleco isn't it dangerous for them as they are scale less fish like corydoras. Thought copper was dangerous to these types of fish.
  11. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    Agreed. I learned that with my guppies. Bought the specialty ones in order to get neat pretty fry and fry and parents all died. Lost probably 600 or more doing that. Now I get some 15 cent females and a few fancy male and females and I have fry. Though mom's are still dying after but 5 different...
  12. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    The blue marble is from LPS the black crown is from my local aquarium guy who breeds a lot of his own stock.
  13. Help What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Snail Infestation???!!!

    I really don't want to risk my fry. Been trying for months to get them without losing them so guess I'll wait till they are bigger and just keep netting the ones I can get and hoping my loach and assassin's can do their job until I can put a trap together
  14. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    I can't do it in under a year for that reason, time and space but if I don't get to breed them then it wasn't meant to be and maybe I'll find new males I might want to breed with a female when I can actually do it right. At least now I can actually do the research to be able to be successful ish...
  15. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    Well poop was so excited to have found a pretty female lol oh well guess I have a gorgeous new boy lol good thing I didn't try to put them in same tank. Lol well now I have a year to find a pretty female for both lol
  16. Help What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Snail Infestation???!!!

    I have baby fry in this tank as well which is main reason I can't just do a deep clean. Will the bottle trap, trap fry? Would not feeding the tank hurt the fry??? I finally have fry I don't really want to risk them. Thanks
  17. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    How can you tell? The pictures of a male and female look really similar.
  18. New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    I believe she is a halfmoon.
  19. Help What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Snail Infestation???!!!

    I have a major pest snail infestation and it's taking over my tank. I can't take the fish out and do a deep clean so is there any other way to get the problem under control???!!! I tried assassin snails, not doing the trick, trying a skunk botia now. Any suggestions are welcome!!!

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