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  1. Odd Behavior From Cichlids

    That confuses me because one camps out in a log and the other in a hollowed stump where they've always been and still are
  2. Odd Behavior From Cichlids

    Both of them are female however
  3. Odd Behavior From Cichlids

    150 gallon long
  4. Odd Behavior From Cichlids

    Hello all So during the middle of a water change I like to observe how my fish react I stopped and went to get my phone and my chemicals for when I filled the tank and noticed my female green terror and jack Dempsey were licking lips They weren't moving much just sitting there I tapped he...
  5. Need A Fish That Will Clean Bottom

    Some small cichlids and a larger Oscar named meatloaf in a 120 gallon I feed a good called jumbo min
  6. Sick Bolivian Ram

    Pictures ?
  7. Need A Fish That Will Clean Bottom

    Hey y'all So my fish are very messy eaters ( oscars and other cichlids ) And I have a nearly one foot pleco named rock who likes to clean up but I need another cleaner I tried catfish and while they were wonderful at it I didn't feed the cichlids for a day to clear up the water and an Oscar...
  8. Sand Or Bare Bottom Tank For Goldfish?

    I have a goldfish I got as a feeder and long story short the frog woudnt eat him and he lives with my cichlids and schools with the silver dollRs He loves to eat food off the sandy bottom
  9. Amphibian owners!

    Is he wild caught ?
  10. Amphibian owners!

    When I say small cat it was like a fat squirrel Found it out by the lake when I stepped in a bush though a snake jumped at me but was just that frog Yea iv noticed my African bullfrog has got pickier over his life as he used to love frozen mice but no he refuses to eat them and sticks with his...
  11. Amphibian owners!

    I've seen a few around the lake and I thought they would be good to have but heard they get loud and the one I saw was the size of a small cat XD
  12. Oscar won't eat help

    I don't think it's a cycling issue anymore however I recently noticed my Oscar is camped out at a flower pot and chases anyone of who goes near it which is odd meatloaf is usually very friendly Is it possible for my Oscar to be breeding she's prob about 8-9 inches long
  13. Oscar won't eat help

    Alright clk89 I appreciate ur help
  14. Oscar won't eat help

    The previous owner was vary knowledgable and I believe he probably cycled it his tanks he has now are immaculate I wiped down what I could get to but he assured me it was all I needed to do Yea I had some gold fish still have one of them actually The white Oscar also been hanging around...
  15. Oscar won't eat help

    I don't know if it mattered but the way I got the tank it came with a filter and we kept the media wet as well as brought 1/4 of the original tank water with it I added some water from my 36 g and goldfish is what I was told
  16. Oscar won't eat help

    Not sure what you mean by first question Api liquid When it was cycling theyr were times I didn't test it because I was out of town I had left it run a few weeks and tested didn't see any nitrates so thought it was good
  17. Oscar won't eat help

    I'm sure it's cycled they've been in theyr for 5 months and when I set the tank up I let it run for 2 wks No my results have always been zero before I just assumed it meant around zero as having something exactly zero just seemed odd I test every their day, I tested this morning and the test...
  18. Oscar won't eat help

    Yes it is and no I never saw it when cycling the tank I feed them jumbomin The white one was lethargic the other day but he's fine now the fish that won't eat are still active swimming around
  19. Oscar won't eat help

    They are zero I just assumed it was impossible to have exactly zero The tank is 120 gallon App master liquid test kit I do water changes every weekend
  20. Oscar won't eat help

    So I have 3 oscars and 2 of them won't eat I have two smaller black ones and a large white one named meatloaf At first one of the smaller black ones stopped eating and then meatloaf stopped eating yesterday I tested my water conditions and everything is fine ph is neutral nitrite and nitrate...

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