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  1. Fish tank cycle?

    Just wanted to Thank all for the help. Hope my tank would cycle soon so I can put some pretty veil angelfish only in it.
  2. Fish tank cycle?

    I hope this is not a stupid question, when talking about cycling a tank, is it the water that you are cycling or is it the tank in it self. Ok the reason for the question is, what if i filled my tank with water that has been though the cycle of another fish tank? Would this help or would it be...
  3. new tank set up help

    Hi, my tank has been up and running for 32 days now with 2 silver dollars and 2 angelfish from the start, and my ammonia numbers are still high. ammonia=8 ppm nitrates=0 nitrites=0 hardness=75 alkalinity=80 Ph=7.2 Why is there so much ammonia yet? PS: its a 55 gallon tank.Also the tank water...

    Why isn't there anything that can just be added to water to totally remove ammonia?And if you do not do water changes, does this affect the cycling of the new set-up? Also if Ur tank becomes established for quite some time and all test results of the water are great,will the tank ever reach high...
  5. tank cycle

    Thanks for your response. I have 7 angelfish and 2 silver dollars in there. I had a 30 gal. tank with them in there for 2 years and never did I have a single problem. Then i bought a 55 gal. tank and all of the sudden my fish are not eating and 2 died. So I was told that the ammonia was the...
  6. My tank doesn't want to cycle!

    Are you supposed to siphon the gravel with the water change?
  7. tank cycle

    How long does this take? I can not seem to get rid of my ammonia. Tank been up and running 4 about 1 month. Doing water changes affect the cycling of the tank? Any help would be great. thank you

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