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  1. CaptainAquatics

    New crayfish!

    Hi! It’s been a little bit since I have posted here. Today I got a almost full grown virile crayfish which are actually native to where I live. He is very cool and is already eating pellets which is nice. BTW I do not belive there are any laws stopping me from owning this species of crayfish...
  2. CaptainAquatics

    Just did a revamp of two of my tanks

    Hi! Like the title says I redid some of my tanks, I went to Aquatic Experience this weekend and got some inspiration! I re-did my 10 gallon red eye puffer tank and it looks STUNNING! I also re-did my flowerhorn tank because of some recommendations I got at AE about how to make him look better...
  3. CaptainAquatics

    Question Flowerhorn tank

    Hi all! So I went to aquatic Experiance this weekend (t was awesome), and since I have gotten home I have been doing no stop projects with my fish. While I was there I meet up with the people that ran the flowerhorn booth (sorry I don’t remember the name!) and I showed him my flowerhorn and he...
  4. CaptainAquatics

    Important Aquatic Experiance

    Hi! Just wanted to let yall know that I will be at aquatic experiance tomorrow, hope to see your there!
  5. CaptainAquatics

    Important Oscar Issues....

    Hi! So as some of you know I have a Oscar named delta in my 130. Delta has always been a layer back fish but he always eats. The last few days he has not been eating and I noticed today that he is not opening his mouth as much as normal (typically Oscars open their mouths to get more water...
  6. CaptainAquatics

    Important New Kitten!

    Hi all! Today we adopted a new member into our family. She is super sweet and super fluffy. Name suggestions welcome!
  7. CaptainAquatics

    Question Want To Go Open Lid, Are These Known Jumpers?

    Hi. Like the title says I would like to go open lid on my 55 gallon community. Are any of these species known to jump or cause issues? - angel fish - blue gourami - silver dollar - red tail shark - clown and yoyo loaches - rosy red minnows - guppies - glass catfish - Molly’s/platys - cherry...
  8. CaptainAquatics

    Funny Funny Fish Meme

    Don't know why, just thought of this *WARNING its dark humor* Anyway, here is the meme: Me: Man this is some good sushi Everyone else at the fishstore: *Shook Face*
  9. CaptainAquatics

    What Should I Start Him With?

    Hi! So as some of you know I have a flowerhron (bubbles) and have had him for a little less than a year (next month is 1 year). Anyway the last several days he has not been eating, he will act exited take like three pieces into his mouth and then spit them all out. It is the same food as he has...
  10. CaptainAquatics

    Important Your Opinions? [flowerhorn]

    Hi! So let start off with some info: Tank- 40GB Ammonia- 0 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- 5-10 water changes- 25-50% weekly Ok, here is whats happening. I have had my flowerhorn bubbles for almost a year now. He is around 7" and is a short body flowerhorn. I understand that short bodies commonly get...
  11. CaptainAquatics

    Question Shrimp As Food For Oscars & Blood Parrots?

    Hi! Anyone know if this is ok to feed Oscars and blood parrots? Thanks
  12. CaptainAquatics

    Bully Firemouth Cichlud

    Hi! So I may have mentioned this before but I have a bit of an issue right now. I have a large firemouth mouth cichlid in my african/South American cichlid tank and he has bullied out 3 of the cichlids and I fear a fourth one is on its way. I have managed to keep the bullied cichlids and they...
  13. CaptainAquatics

    Going Camping.....

    So, I have preped the fish and I’m about to head out. Just wanted to say that I likely won’t be on much (maybe a little at night), it will be back Monday. Today I received 8 new guppys from a friend and they are looking g good and have eaten I am happy about this because I have been wanting...
  14. CaptainAquatics

    Question When Should I Move Him?

    Hi! So I have a tire track eel with a plan laid out so he will move to a bigger tank the bigger he gets. His first stop is my african cichlid (30G) tanks, then to my flowerhorn tank (40B), then finally to my 130 gallon. My biocube and flowerhorn tanks have pretty secure lids, my 130 not so much...
  15. CaptainAquatics

    Tire Track Eel

    Hi! Some of you may be looking for a cool fish to act as a centerpiece for your large aquarium. I would like to introduce the tire track eel: in this thread I will be going over the care of the tiretrack eel (as well as a few photos of the one I own). Understand this is based off of personal...
  16. CaptainAquatics

    Help 10 Gallon Tank Leak

    Well it’s happens to the best of us, my 10 gallon cuminity tank has sprung a small leak. Got home today there is water on the floor and around the mat the tank is on. Checked the base of the filter and it’s not the filter overflowing. I belive I have found the source of the leak and as luck...
  17. CaptainAquatics

    Important It’s Always Something....

    Hi! So (right to the point) in my biocube aquarium I have had a really good balance going. I have three firemouth cichlids a electric blue cichlid and two baby cichlids in there. There were two male firemouths and a female. For about three months one male has had one side and the other male the...
  18. CaptainAquatics

    Baking Wood?

    Hi! So I have recently gathered some large pieces of wood from my local river that is hard wood and is striped of bark but now I want to make sure it is clean. I have sprayed it down to get the dirt of and I have rinsed it in the warmest water I can but there to big to boil. Could I put them in...
  19. CaptainAquatics

    Question Have I Finally Done The Impossible?!?!

    Hi! So as some of you know my only LFS is a local Petco, this petco is on the much better side of petcos but it doesn't QT fish obviously. This always ensures I do QT fish, however there is one fish I have never been able to keep without them dying of ich, the clown loach. I wasn't properly...
  20. CaptainAquatics

    Question Forum Suggestion

    Hi! So I don’t know if this has been suggested or not but here it is: I think that the rating logos should be made bigger. I don’t know if I just have big fingers or something but I press the wrong one every time, lol. I will go to press like but press agree instead. IDK, just a thought.

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