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  1. Kortdizzy

    Feeding Fish Fruit

    I have a bunch of watermelon, and Im wondering if I can feed it to my fish fresh. I have some Repashy community food, and one if the ingredients is watermelon so I feel like it should be ok. I have 1 BN pleco, some cory cats, guppies, gourami, bettas, Bolivian ram, and tetras. Interested in any...
  2. Kortdizzy

    Flatworm Id

    I think I have Rhabdocoela worms. Can I get a confirmation ID ? Are they harmful or potentially harmful like Planaria?
  3. Kortdizzy

    Guppy Fin Has Bubble

    My male guppy has a stange bubble on his dorsal fin. His behavior is fine and all of his fins look great, except for this strange bubble. All of my other guppies look great excepr for one female who seems to have swim bladder issues. She cant keep her balance and is floating around like a stray...
  4. Kortdizzy

    Camallanus Worms. Yikes!

    I think I have Camallanus worms in my female betta. She is bloated, lethargic, and not eating. She has been in my 55 gallon since it started, so I fear I must treat the while tank. I ordered levamisole and hope to treat when it gets here, which is 2 weeks from now. Anyone have any advice as to...
  5. Kortdizzy

    Neon Tetra Disease?

    Is this Neon Tetra disease? If so, could it infect cory cats? Im having a problem with my emerald corys, and this tetra is also having issues. Im hoping I dont have an outbreak, as I just put both of the troubled fish into a new 55 gallon that is being cycled and medicated with new fish
  6. Kortdizzy

    Emerald Cory Labored Breathing

    I have 1 peppered and 2 Emerald corys. Last week, one emerald died after losing barbels and labored breathing. Now the other emerald is doing the same, while I have had the Peppered for much longer and he has been fine the whole time. Emerald has some barbels left, but has started gilling...
  7. Kortdizzy

    White Dots On Plants

    I just started setting up my 55 gallon tank. I put some new plants in, along with 7 guppies and 2 female bettas. The next day I noticed these little white dots om the Valisneria. Parasite or snail eggs? Anyone know what this is?
  8. Kortdizzy

    Hey Fish Friends!

    Hey fellow fish lovers! Im excited to be a part if this group and be able to benefit from the knowledge of you more experienced fish keepers out there. I staryed with a betta fish in a 10 gallon 6 months ago, and have since added live plants as well as RCS, ghost shrimp, nerite snails, African...
  9. Kortdizzy

    Whats On My New Plants

    We just gotbour 55 gallon tank started with some plants we bought at Aquarium Co-op. There appears to be 2 perfect white dots that we just noticed on the Valisneria. Are these Ich cysts or maybe snail eggs? We just added 7 guppies and 2 female bettas to help cycle the tank, and we noticed the...

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