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  1. Danios being hyper?

    Added 10 danios to my tank last weekend, and only ended up losing one (pretty good for petsmart stock at least around here) and they've been settling in nicely. I'm noticing behavior i've never really seen in them though. In my 65 gallon (tall) tank I have two canister filters, one that is just...
  2. 65 Gallon Tank Inducing schooling

    Gotcha! I think scaring wasn't necessarily the right word to use in my question I'll be honest lol. Interestingly they are currently schooling and hanging out harassing a kuhli loach which I've never seen before, guess they'll school if something interests them
  3. 65 Gallon Tank Inducing schooling

    Haven't really added many fish to my 65 gallon planted tank in about 8 months, just got busy and I personally enjoyed just having a bn plec and some loaches, but went out yesterday and picked up 11 danios and some nerites. The danios schooled at the very beginning but obviously got used to the...
  4. 65 Gallon Tank Algae Indicative Of High Temperature?

    Approx 0 readings on my api test kit for all pollutants. I wrote that off as a side effect of very minimal bio load in a pretty densely planted tank.
  5. 65 Gallon Tank Algae Indicative Of High Temperature?

    Is there any correlation between excessive temps and high algae? I've been using a pretty old thermometer I bummed off a friend a couple years ago, but I figured it worked fine. While I was out at a LFS I picked up a fluval thermometer just out of curiosity, but when I put it in my tank it...
  6. My 75 Gallon Community Tank

    looking good I like the rasboras
  7. Question Do You Need A Hood For Your Tank?

    Depends on the species of fish you are looking to get. Also check petsmart they have good glass lids
  8. Tank Just Not Workin

    I'm using vials from two different kits (Both API master kits) I change my water BI-weekly, usually 40 or so gallons worth I don't add dechlorinator as I live off well water without any sort of additives beside a water softener (Water isn't salty or anything though lol) Current thermometer...
  9. Tank Just Not Workin

    I've had my 65 gallon tank running for about 1 1/3 years now, and despite my efforts it still looks awful. I have a fluval canister on it (It is rated for that size, used to have two but the gasket on the other stopped functioning), a finnex 24/7 SE and a weird marineland fixture I run on a two...
  10. Question Does Anyone Talk To Their Fish?

    I speak to my bichir like it's a mixture of a teenager and a toddler but honestly I talk to my drums more often which I feel like is a sign of something but it's fine I think
  11. Help Cycling Shrimp Tank?

    So I got a 7 gallon tank a while back with the intention of putting some Cherry shrimp in it. Never really got around to it but I think i'm ready to finally get this show on the road. I've had the filter I plan to use on it chugging along on my bichir tank for a while and the media area is full...
  12. Bichir Tankmates

    I am planning on going with some African Leaf fish. They get on the big side and I don't think the bichir will even notice them when they hide in plants
  13. How Do I Stunted Vals

    So about two months ago I bought some plants online as well as some ferts (Only got seachem flourish like an idiot ). I realized my mistake and got some NPK + CMSB dry salts from GLA and most of my plants have rebounded from the lack of proper care. But my vals have not in the slightest. While...
  14. Security For My Aquarium

    Lol technically couldn't you run a tiny current through the water and then have a circuit that would detect when more resistance is detected (Something like a finger touching the water)? Really just a joke but you could do it.
  15. First Moss Ball

    I'd just plop it in the tank. I'd still do W/C for nitrates but it will help a tad in sucking them up.
  16. My Xs & Xl

    Man that "XL" is looking fire!
  17. Spontaneous Tiny Hydro Plantlets?

    So I get howe from school today to find some tiny little plantlets, one sitting on a developing amazon sword and another on a mass of algae and wisteria. They both look like little Hydrophylla plants, but I cannot tell which. Now bear with me now but I cannot take a picture right now so I'll...
  18. What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

    Xmas as gift giving and receiving is great and I just love winter
  19. Bought A Mangrove, Now How Should I Plant It?

    Hmmm only thing I can really say is that Seachem makes a product that really boosts root development (Or so they say) so you could try that
  20. 75 Gallon Tank So Why Did I Fail At Growing Plants In My Tank? How Can I Succeed Now?

    What is that plant that looks like a pom-pom? I was under the impression those needed c02 ?

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