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  1. owain's tanks

    here is a pic of my 56 gallon and a video of me hand feeding my tiger barbs and here is a couple pics of one of my male guppies that i got threw breeding he has a lovely blue/green tinge to him when in the light. he is a cross between a endler and a yellow snakeskin guppie thow...
  2. 56 gallon update

    the tiger barbs are doing really well here is a video of them after feeding them they have started to eat out of my hand will try and get a video of it when i next give them there tubifex worms also will be getting more tiger barbs tomorrow
  3. is this a dwarf lily or a red tiger lotus?

    is this a red tiger lotus or a dwarf lily? it has got a lily pad it is sending to the surface i can just about see in the curled up lily pad it looks like it has a pink edge and green middle and darker red spots on it thanks in advance for your help x
  4. Owain's aquariums

    added some driftwood and some more tiger barbs to my 56 gallon had to borrow some rocks from the other side of the tank to stop the wood from floating
  5. tank update

    I have now sold all the fish I had in my 56 gallon. I then striped it down and gave it a good clean to remove the algae then set it back up with dirt and a sand and gravel cap and planted it still waiting for the driftwood to arrive should be here tomorrow or Friday. I left some space in the...
  6. (Haverhill UK) 6 clown loach ranging from 6 or 7 inches to 3 inches

    I have been trying to sell my 6 clown loach because they need a bigger tank but have had no luck and there isn't any LPS I can take them to either is there anyone on here in or near Haverhill uk that would be interested in them if not what should I do Thanks owain
  7. stocking advice

    after i have re-homed the fish i have in my 56 gallon 48"x15"x18". I want to dirt and heavily plant it and put my tiger barbs from my 10 gallon and up the school and add some denison barbs (roseline shark) would these to work together and how many of each also what else can i put in with them...
  8. fish tank update

    i got some new plants water wisteria and ludwigia repens also ordered some dwarf hairgrass which should arrive tomorrow here is a video of my clown loach eating cucumber out my hand
  9. i had a eventful evening

    I got a used 20 gallon long aquarium cleaned it up and filled it up, decorated it and moved the filter from my 10 gallon was just catching my tiger barbs from my 10 gallon and putting them in my bucket to acclimatise them to the new tank then I hear a bang look at the 20 gallon to see water...
  10. tank and stand build plan

    i am planing on making a 75 gallon long fish tank and stand with space for my 40 long under it. here is some plans i drew up for it plan of the frame for the stand and a plan of what i want it to look like when it is finished. for the stand i was thinking of using 4x4s for the frame and...
  11. update of my 3 tanks

    some quick videos of my tanks
  12. Can anyone guess what moth this is?

    Can anyone guess what moth this is. Sorry about the quality was taken on my old phone
  13. my tiger barbs

    A quick video of my tiger barbs swimming in the back corner of the tank
  14. 40 Gallon Tank update

    made some changes in my 40 gallon tank before after will be adding more plants after pay day also got some tiger barbs arriving tomorrow they will be going in the quarantine tank till i know their defiantly healthy. learnt the hard way that you need to quarantine them added 2 endlers a month...
  15. injured corydora

    i noticed one of my corys in my 40 gallon tank has a chunk out of it near its tail. it is still acting normal and eating what should i do here is some pics of it i have tested my water ammonia 0.25 nitrite 0 nitrate 40 thanks in advance for any help
  16. couldn't sleep so i sat on my laptop and drew this

    pic of 1 of my clown loach i drew
  17. my tanks and some of my fish

    here is some pics of my tanks and fish pj my pajama catfish and a corydora big and small tank big tank at night blue guppy full red and orange guppy clown loach a pick from when i first got my clown loach. dont no what the silver fish is he was a lovely fish i do miss him

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