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  1. Question How Long To Leave Peas In Tank

    i have a platy who is listing and swimming a little funny. I shelled a pea, split it in half and put it in the tank but it sank to the bottom and no one seems interested. How long do I leave it in the tank?
  2. Help Platy With Sudden Multiple Illnesses

    Post AM water change parameters are 7.2pH, 80F, 0/0/5: "pristine" achieved White spots are fewer but still present on Tapioca and appear to be gone on the other two Tapioca's fins are no longer red on the edges, I can definitely see where there is fin loss but it doesn't appear to be...
  3. Help Platy With Sudden Multiple Illnesses

    Yes. I think so. They all have a thin translucent border at the edges of their tails with the variegated black it often times looks ragged but up close you can see that the translucent part is intact. I’ve only conclusively notes it on her tail fin, but everywhere there is red, it looks like the...
  4. Help Platy With Sudden Multiple Illnesses

    Thank you so much for your response! I agree with what you said about the potential cause of illness, anyone of those things could have caused a problem, but I have added in extra Prime which, as I understand it, detoxifies ammonia up to 1ppm . I also think that the spike is either ammonia...
  5. High Nitrates And Nitrites

    You can continue doing partial water changes, but as I understand it you want the nitrates to continue to go up until the ammonia and nitrites go down. If there aren't any fish to be affected by the high nitrates, I wouldn't worry about it until the cycle is complete.
  6. Help Platy With Sudden Multiple Illnesses

    Tank Tank is 23L been running 5 mos Aquaclear 20 filter with Aqueon 50w adjustable heater Current temp 80, just bumped the heater to 82 What is the entire stocking of this tank? 3 adult female platys 1 2mos old platy fry 6 dainty corys 1 tiger loach java fern, water wisteria, java moss...
  7. Question New Aqua Clear Not Quiet. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    Did you mean "external" cannister? The link is pointing to an external filter product. I'm not sure that possible in my 1 bedroom apartment, but is there an "internal" model that you would recommend?
  8. Question New Aqua Clear Not Quiet. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    I am actually using a piece of packing styrofoam between it and the tank to level it right now , and yes, the lid makes the noise worse so I just removed it for now. I did try this and it helped for 15 minutes then back to its old tricks.
  9. Help Suspicious And Persistent Gill Redness

    I used to suspect that but then after the male died, I've been a little paranoid about illness. How soft is your water? It’s very acidic for platies... I haven't checked in a while since I ran out of the test strips and switched to the API master kit. Initially it was 80 KH 160 GH (but now I...
  10. Question New Aqua Clear Not Quiet. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    Whew! Thanks, I'll give it a few more days. Thankfully its not in our bedroom and didn't seem to affect sleep last night, but I plan to have this tank in my treatment room and grinding filter noise is not what you what when you're getting acupuncture
  11. Help Suspicious And Persistent Gill Redness

    Update...turns out the Seachem Ammonia alert doesn't work. Checked the water parameters again and there was a spike in both NH and NO2 Two days of daily 50%+ water changes heavy doses of Prime and we've now moved out the fry and some of the snail population. Looks like my bio cycle is back on...
  12. Aoidh


  13. Honey


  14. Tapioca


  15. Platys


    Pics of Honey (aka Kronos), Aoidh & Tapioca
  16. Question New Aqua Clear Not Quiet. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    Got a new 11 Gal tank yesterday with an aqua clear 20 filter to deal with my fry/snail problem. Hooked up the new filter and it is noisy! Like I can hear the impeller constantly noisy. I've tried opening it up and trying to re-position the impeller per the instructions and it does change the...
  17. Hello...only A Few Months In But Hooked

    Right? I mean I kind of knew it was a good procrastination tool to distract me from my board exams, but they're almost done and I'm still here
  18. Help Suspicious And Persistent Gill Redness

    Oh, I should say the temp is 80-82, I have an automatic heater.
  19. Help Suspicious And Persistent Gill Redness

    It all started with my one male platy who became ill with generalized symptoms that resembled either a non-virulent strain of columnaris or parasite infection both internal and possibly gill flukes. After 5-6 weeks of treatment in QT (first Paraguard, then Furan II, then Prazi/Metro combo, then...
  20. Hello...only A Few Months In But Hooked

    Hello, I inherited a 23L from a friend who suggested I get some live bearers for my kids. Now I'm hooked. I have: 3 female platys of various types 4 dainty corys Too many snails enough fry that I need to find a new place to keep them A water wisteria, java fern and java moss and a floating...

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