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  1. Help cat-proofing closets

    Ok, I have a little problem(literally and figuretively). We have a 6-month old kitten who has a new favorite food, my shoe laces. My shoes are in a closet that is 2'x2'. So far I came up with two plans: a. put a door in to keep him out. Nothing big just enough to keep Jasper out. I have I...
  2. number of and tankmates/Pictus Cat Fish

    Ok, so Im restocking my 38g tank and so far I decided on pictus cats. what I gathered is I should be able to keep 2 based on this post. So far Im going with a brislenose and MTS as a pitcrew and to stir up the sand.Now to top it all off Im thinking of choosing a cichlid. Its down to angels and...
  3. 30 Gallon Tank Pictus catfish& what else

    Long time no see guys, Ive been busy with school and a whole bunch of other stuff so I havent been able to stay up to date with fishlore. Anyway Im back to square one and need some ideas. I was thinking about rapheal catfish but I think we only have striped ones here. So Im going with Pictus...
  4. Sand air stone?

    Anyone use a sand air stone? I found one today, they're made from compressed sand. Are they any better than regular air stones?
  5. My little boys

    Well, I read Earthling84's thread and it inspired me to post pics of two of my little boys, Rascal and Toby. This is an old picture taken before the rest of the gang were found. They were coming in my room at night and I took them in. There was two litters, because my cat found another a little...
  6. Funny Chicken facts

    Last night I was reading a back issue of bird talk. There was an article on chickens and had some pretty funny facts in it. Chicken facts- 5.farthest chicken flight: 301 feet 4.fastest chicken on the book: 9 mph 3.chickens were used to clean chimneys by dropping the bird inafter the...
  7. Help Extra sand

    You all remember my post about using play sand in an aquarium, right? Well I decided not to do it. Unfortunitly I already bought the sand. What do you guys think I should do with it? Just so you know, its a 50 pound bag.
  8. Important Switching to sand?

    Im finally thinking of switching to sand. First off some day I might try keeping cichlids most likely angels,firemouths,jack dempseys, or oddball fish such as knife fish or dragon gobys. would sand be ok for those kind of fish? I dont want to switch then end up switching back. What I want to...
  9. New algea eater

    A few of my fish have passed on, including my pleco. I need a new algea eater but I have no idea what. My choices are a snail, shoal of otos, or a rubber lip pleco. Any ideas?
  10. Snack time

    Anyone else have this problem? When I let my ferret out to play I sit down for a snack. As soon as I do, she pesters me the whole time. 50-75% of the time she wants to eat what im eating.
  11. Help Gold Barb problem

    I have a little problem with my gold barb pepper. His under side went from silver/white to yellow/orange so I thought he was a male. But last night I looked and he had a bulge in his bellie, like he is pregnate. I have no idea whats going on here.
  12. mealworms

    Is it ok to feed my fish mealworms?
  13. Tail trouble

    My first male betta, Luke is getting old. Hes a crown tail and is having trouble swimming. I think his old age is getting to him. He is having a hard time swimming to the surface. Any ideas to make it easyer for him to get to the surface?
  14. Not wierd, just different

    Is anyone into suff most people might find wierd. Resist the urge to say fish. I mean old/unpopular bands and the like, the stuff you might get teased for. Ive acually seen students at the high school with power ranger backpacks. I myself am into myths and legends, like bigfoot, el chupacabra...
  15. Help Bulb help

    Im starting to put plants in my 38g. How many watts do I need. My book says 60 watts for every 15in. of depth.
  16. Help tank divider

    Anyone know how to make a diy 5 gallon tank divider?
  17. New betta!

    I just got a new betta! Hes a pretty blue-green with a dark blue head. What should I name him?
  18. 10 Gallon Tank 10 gallon+10 gallon=20 gallon

    I have a neat idea. Take 2 20 gallon tanks a take off the base and 1 side from each. Then put them side by side and seal them together with sealicon. Yay or nay?
  19. Question eggs

    My ghost shrimp had eggs but sadly passed on. I saved the eggs and put them in an old betta cup I saved. Do you guys think They might hatch still?
  20. Has this ever happened to u

    I was at petco buying a 10 gallon for my guppies. I went over to look at gravel, and over heard a lady and her kids picking out a betta. I heard her say she wonders if she can keep females in the same tank. Sharing my knowladge of fish care, I told her no. Soon her they picked out a beautiful pure...

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