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  1. Neon tetras's

    Could 4 neons happily live in a 5.5 gallon with a dwarf platy and a filter made for a 30 gallon tank? aqadvisor said it could work and the inch a gallon rule fits? Phil
  2. A platy!

    Hey!! today i got a red wagtail dwarf platy first edition to my new tank! All i can say is love the guy arty0049: Here he is And id love to see some cool picture from you people!!
  3. Starting the tank makeover today...

    So today im getting the first addition to my new tank.......a dwarf platy so im looking forward to it!!!arty0049: Phil
  4. Can't post on classified

    Well it says i need 50 or more posts to post on the classified section. I do and it still won't let me...can anyone help. Phil
  5. Fort McMurray

    Anybody in fort mcmurray interested in possibly starting a clubish thing? Phil
  6. Temporary hiding.

    Hey well as some people may know im changing my tank around quite a bite getting rid of the old fish putting new ones in, redecorating, ect. I wasn't planning on starting for awhile but my gourami suddenly died and I'm going to add a dwarf platy now (is going to be in the final setup) So...
  7. Dwarf Anubias and Java Fern

    Alright well im going to have live plants... My tank is a 5.5 gallon, it has no CO2, i don't plan on using ferts and its low light. So far im going to have: Java moss Java fern Water sprite--will this work, some will be planted and ill have a floating one. So my questions are...
  8. FInal stocking list, is it good?

    Alright so after months of thinking and thinking ive come down to this as my stocking list with plats and all so here we go Tank 5.5 gallon Substrate-natural (dark) Plants Java Moss Java Fern Water Sprite Other Driftwood Pots Livestock 3-5 Endlers 3-4 Oto 5 red...
  9. Betta+ Endlers

    Hey! I was wondering if a single male betta would be ok in 5.5 gallon tank with 4 edlers, red cherry shrimp and and oto? I ask this because some people have reported sucess with bettas and other fish as long as they dont have long flowing fins, plus endlers are quite quick. It is a...

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