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  1. coolusername00

    Cichlid Black Rash?

    I've had fatheads with black spot disease and this doesn't seem like the same thing. The bumps on the fatheads were raised, whereas the bumps on my cichlid are smooth, almost like a freckle on a person. Also, I've never seen black spot with a rash like that. It's always been little spots.
  2. coolusername00

    Cichlid Black Rash?

    Anyone know what this is? A few fish have it, but this was the only one that I could get good pics of. A 40% water change is performed weekly. Tank size is 55 gallons with a Rena filstar xp xl filter. I have the spray bar pointed up to increase surface agitation. Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0...
  3. coolusername00

    Best/worst Pet Store Experiences?

    At what point does one ignore fish in need? I was once at a walmart that I knew had an aggressive form of columnaris and I made the mistake of walking back by the fish. I saw a mbuna that was obviously holding and I felt so bad that I didn't buy her. She was in a crowded tank with nowhere to...
  4. coolusername00

    Snails... Pesky Little Buggers...

    Whoops. With the way I read it, I thought nerites were hatching and taking over :dead:
  5. coolusername00

    Snails... Pesky Little Buggers...

    Nerites aren't supposed to be able to hatch in freshwater , but I suppose that life uh, finds a way. Perhaps it was a different snail?
  6. coolusername00

    Auratus Or Dialeptos

    Thanks for the replies. I'm hearing that auratus are tank terrors, but as I'm watching mine, it just seems like normal mbuna behavior.
  7. coolusername00

    Auratus Or Dialeptos

    Vendors ID was "assorted cichlid. " It was from petsmart. I thought it was a crossbreed so I asked and that's where the name guesses came from.
  8. coolusername00

    Auratus Or Dialeptos

    I posted this in a facebook group and I got two different answers. Dialeptos and auratus. Looking for a second opinion.
  9. coolusername00

    Question Excessive Flashing, No Idea Why

    My lfs always recommends to use medicated food as a treatment. He has a fenbendazole /levamisole /praziquantel flake food program that works pretty well. The ammonia level should be at zero. I've noticed that when I had minnows, they would flash if I didn't do enough water changes . The...
  10. coolusername00

    What Is Your Most Dangerous Fish?

    My sunfish likes to half jump out of the water when he gets pellets. I open the cover and make sure my hand is well out of the way before I feed him.
  11. coolusername00

    Help Brine Shrimp Make No Sense

    I buy brine shrimp eggs from my lfs sometimes. The best way that works for me is to have a saltwater tank set up with RO water. Then get a brine shrimp hatchery and put it in the sw tank. The baby shrimp will eat crushed flakes. I'm not exactly sure how to keep them alive long since they...
  12. coolusername00

    Question Scary Fish Stories

    I had a fiddler crab in a 10 gallon tank with easily checkable hiding spaces. One day, he died. And as I was used to doing, I poked it with a stick to make sure it wasn't a shed. The stick didn't poke through the body, so I thought it was really dead. So I check under the rock and...
  13. coolusername00

    Best/worst Pet Store Experiences?

    My worst experience was at a petsmart. I went in to get some endlers and I specified that I wanted the endlers, not the fancy guppies. There were both in the tank. Employee bags up the fish and hands them to me. There's 2 endlers, one fancy guppy and one baby guppy. I inform her that I...
  14. coolusername00

    Question Sick(?) Yellow Lab

    I got this lab from a severely overstocked aquarium. There was 30 cichlids in a 46 gallon bowfront SA/Afr mix with heavy ammonia/nitrites. It has a prolapse and looks kind of goofy(?)... Idk how to explain it. I'm sure it got stunted somehow from being in bad water. Anyway, I have it in a...

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