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    Need betta help quick. PH shock? (Picks included)

    So I've had my dear boy Bellamy in a heated vase for the past half week or so just now set up his tank and added him last night. Both the tank and his vase were filled with my well water. The tank I jumpstarted with Tetra Safe Start and added the fish very soon afterward. The problem is he just...
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    Betta Finn Biting

    So of my latest Betta batch, all my betta's are doing well. I have my Mustard male in his tank already, but the other two are still in their heated bowls receiving daily water changes and the appropriate amount of stress coat (until I set up their tanks later today hopefully). As they were...
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    Need Betta Help

    I received three Betta fish for my birthday yesterday, as I am seemingly known as "the fish girl" with my friends. I received a red veiltail male, a black mustard betta male, and last but not least a dragon scale male. I planned on keeping them all in heated bowls and executing frequent water...
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    Questions On Setting Up My Saltwater Tank

    So I am setting up my first saltwater tank, BUT I am still deciding on the overall tank. I know larger tanks are easier to balance, but I have balanced smaller tanks for a while now and would prefer to stay 30g and below right now. So I have to potential tanks a long 25g, and a tall...
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    Is This Finrot? (pic )

    So this is my boi Ironman. Today I looked in his tank and low and behold, like a big piece of his tail is gone. He lives in a heated, filtered 10g, uses good quality purchased water. So Fin Rot? A snag? Or what? Thanks so much in advance.
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    Fin Rot Issues With Betta Fish

    So I got rid of the fin rot on one of my bettas, but I am not sure if I am even making a difference on my 2 year old male Smaug. He lives in a filtered and heated 10g. I treated him first with "API, Fin and Body Cure" then with "API, E.M.". With the "Fin and Body" it kept his condition from...
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    Unable To Get Rid Of Fin Rot With My Bettas

    So I have kept one of my betta fish for two years now, and he has always looked beautiful and healthy. But I purchased a betta that had a light case of fin rot, at the time I did not know it was fin rot. At some point I believe I accidentally cross contaminated their bowls, so now both bettas...
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    Betta Won't Eat.

    So I bought a new crown-tail betta at my local petsmart, he appeared to be in good enough health maybe just a little sluggish. I treated him for fin rot, slime coat, and other. And he looks great, problem is he won't eat anything. He is also very unresponsive and hides from me when I come over...
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    Are There Any Fish I Can Keep With Extremely Hard Tap Water?

    So all I really have access to as far as water for fish is EXTREMELY hard tap water. Would any fish do ok in this water? (Fish 6 inch and under.)
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    How Many Cherry Barbs Could I Put In A 80 Gallon Tank?

    I am buying a 80 gallon tank from a friend. On average how many cherry or gold barbs could I keep in it?

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