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  1. 29 Gallon Tank Convict Cichlid Growth Speed

    I’m planning on getting a juvenile convict cichlid for my 29 gallon tank and I was wondering how fast it should grow.
  2. 29 Gallon Tank Bonsai Flowerhorn?

    Just our of curiosity, but I was looking online and found something called a bonsai Flowerhorn and the site said they only got to around 6”. Is there anybody who can tell me if this is true or not?
  3. 29 Gallon Tank Will A Marimo Moss Ball Survive In Tropical Water Tank.

    I have a tank where I’m planning on keeping a convict cichlid. Will the temperature be too high for a marimo moss ball to keep a couple of them healthy? If not is there any other suggestions???
  4. 29 Gallon Tank Convict Alone

    Will a convict cichlid be okay alone (Id love to breed some but my mom says she’d get rid of my tank if they bred) and still stay happy and healthy. If not is it possible to put two of the same gender in there or would they beat on each other.
  5. 29 Gallon Tank Convict Or Geophagus

    Is a convict cichlid or Geophagus easier to care for?
  6. 29 Gallon Tank Convict Cichlid Feeder Fish

    Will a Convict Cichlid take any sort of feeder fish as an occasional once a month treat? (Yes I know not to get the crappy ones from standard pet stores). I would appreciate the information
  7. 29 Gallon Tank Redhump Geophagus.

    Can I fit a Redhump Geophagus in my 29 gallon tank alone or am I better off getting a smaller species of Geos.
  8. 29 Gallon Tank Convict And Blue Acara

    Will a Convict and Blue Acara cichlids get along in a 29 gallon tank?
  9. 29 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Jack Dempsey In 29 Gallon Tank

    I just got a 29 gallon aquarium and was wondering if I could fit a solo electric blue Jack Dempsey in it since they have smaller bodies than a normal JD.
  10. 29 Gallon Tank Largest Cichlid For A 29 Gallon Tank.

    I just got a new 29 and instead of getting a couple smaller cichlids for it does anybody know a medium sized more aggressive cichlid that would go well in my tank I’d appreciate the help

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