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  1. Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    Thats interesting! My aquariums always have the lowest pH with the highest amount of wood (tannins specifically). Theres no real way to tell what the cause is without testing and elimination. Next one I'd look at would be if the rest of the parameters aren't out of balance and then the...
  2. Easy Red Plants

    Red jungle val, ludwigia, red/brown crypts, red root floaters, dwarf lilies, red swords (there are a ton of varieties of swords with red in them), rotala and red temple are all great plants. I've never had any of my plants die after leaving for a week, my house plants have suffered, but the...
  3. Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    Wood in the aquarium can cause the water to be a lower pH than your tap. My pH is normally an 8 and a solid 7 in an aquarium with very little wood. My heavily wooded aquarium is a 6, the pH jump when you add wood is pretty amazing. Indian almond leaves, alder cones and peat moss can also alter...
  4. Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    Maybe try RO water? I haven't had any experience with angelfish yet, but I've been doing my research and RO water used with small fry and eggs seems to yield a higher rate of survival. Love your angelfish btw, took me a week to read through your thread lol. Your albino blues are gorgeous!!
  5. Parameters For Angelfish

    Stilly cycling, so my #s are still high, but its almost done! I can't wait! I currently don't have access to an RO unit, but would love to get one at some point. Most of the fish I'm interested in need softer water than the tap water I have. I'll also be using it in the future for the eggs, but...
  6. Parameters For Angelfish

    Thank you for the quick answer! I'm going to add almond leaves and check the pH later.
  7. Parameters For Angelfish

    I'm setting up angelfish aquariums (4 to be exact lol) and want to make sure everything is perfect, specifically the parameters. The first aquarium I'm cycling will be a grow out/the tank for the first few to start pairing off in. The rest will be setup shortly after this one is done cycling...
  8. Christmas Giveaway !

    #60! Thank you!
  9. 10% Off Trins Coupon

    If you still have the code, I’d love one! Looking to order some plants
  10. Fish for 10 gallon tank?

    Welcome to Fishlore!!! While if you only have a petsmart for fish, stocking a ten can be much harder. Online fish shops are another option if your interested. Find a good supplier that has been reviewed before many times and you should be fine. You could also ask around on here for a nice...
  11. Suggestions for tank mates w/ fancy comets

    Okay, so you have one 30 gallon and three comets. Do you plan on rehoming them? If you rehome them and still want goldfish, you could do two goldfish in a 30. They are social, so they need company. If you want to do tropicals, you could do apistos, kribensis, rams, shell dwellers, honey...
  12. New fry tank

    This is what we're talking about. They're very nice and this ones similar to my large one. $8.99 is very cheap for a tank filter, especially one of that size. You can look around and find one that fits/works with you, as there are many different designs.
  13. Suggestions for tank mates w/ fancy comets

    Everyone has to start somewhere! Comets are generally too common to sell or give away, unless they live close enough to pick up, its not really worth it to ship them. You could post an add on here and see if anyone in your area is willing to take them. It doesn't hurt to try.
  14. 2 of my jewel cichlids paired of and mated what should i do with the other 3??

    @chromedome52 Thank you for clearing up the scientific name! I haven't googled from the scientific name yet, so I had no idea. Seriously fish is usually very up to date, so I'm very surprised the error wasn't changed sooner. 92cw12 Your setup sounds amazing, if you could I'm sure we'd all...
  15. Suggestions for tank mates w/ fancy comets

    A pond won't due currently, but if need be as a last resort you could keep up the water changes in the 30 gallon and go for a pond next year. If you still have the recipe you could take them back too. Fancy comets and regular comets aren't any different they're the same as the ones marketed as...
  16. 2 of my jewel cichlids paired of and mated what should i do with the other 3??

    If your interested in breeding for color and improving your own line, that would be awesome! The aquarium and fish hobby always needs breeders to improve lines both in health and color. You may want to get another 20 and move your second pair in there, then use your 55 to raise the babies before...
  17. Suggestions for tank mates w/ fancy comets

    Welcome to Fish Lore! Comet goldfish are more of pond fish as they can reach +12", unless you have a very large aquarium, I would highly recommend to try to get them into a pond soon! They grow fast too, my comets were around 1.5" and grew to around 3 - 4" in just a couple months. If you are...
  18. New fry tank

    Sponge filters are my personal favorite, as they oxygenate the water and filter it. They're also very easy on fry, so if you can as biller mentioned, amazon has some great ones. My 30 - 40 gallon sponge filter was $10 on amazon and my 10 gallon one was $5, so they are very cheap!
  19. 2 of my jewel cichlids paired of and mated what should i do with the other 3??

    Sounds great! If you plan on keeping the rest, you may need to rehome at least one or move him/her into a new tank. Of your three in the 55 gallon, two may pair off if you have one male and one female, then you will need to remove the one thats left out. If you get really lucky and end up with the...
  20. Breeding bettas?

    Glad I could help and good luck on your pair!

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