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    just wondering what people have in their tank. i have six snails and ghost shrimp.
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    help! my fish are dying from unknown causes!!!!!

    help me please! all my fish in my ten gallon tank are dying! the pH is stable, the food is fine, my fish are young and they had been completely compatible and healthy for about a year together. the water is maintained at a stable temperature and pure spring water is what they had and i change it...
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    what is your fish's name. just curious...

    here are the names of my fish: Leonardo Di Caprio--betta (male) Queen Elizabeth--betta (female) Siegfried--sucker fish Grandpa--11 year old goldfish Superfang--guppy Abraham--dwarf gourami Elmer--gourami William--red cap
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    Can your fish do any neat stuff? i heard that bettas can learn....

    my fish comes to the surface when i turn on the tank light because i turn on the tank light when i feed him, so now if the light comes on he circles the surface.

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