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    Approve This Stock List for 50 Gallon

    My family and I sat down and together made a stock list for our new tank. - 50 Gallon - Sand Substrate - Hydrosponge II & Tetra Whisper 60 (I could upgrade the sponge filter) - Very, very lightly planted - right now just java moss, will try to add others but I can't keep much alive -...
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    My Java Moss Disappears

    I keep java moss in my 10 gallon that has 2 guppies and a lot of red cherry shrimp. I replace it every couple of months because it slowly disappears. I really thought my shrimp were eating it but I just read that shrimp don't eat java moss. So what's happening to it?
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    Cherry Shrimp Attacking Guppy! Fins Gone

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I thought about putting it in diseases but I'm not sure it's a disease. I woke up this morning to my guppy missing her tail! There is a red spot where her tail was.. looks like dried blood to me but not sure. Upon further inspection, the only...
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    Cleaning water lines

    My tanks have developed water lines. They are ugly. They used to come off during my weekly maintenance, but now they don't. Is there anything I can do that doesn't require removing the fish?
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    What is wrong with the tetra?

    I wish I had a picture but the employee was hovering so I didn't take one. My LFS has had one diamond tetra for several weeks now.. I guess they aren't restocking them or something. They have him shoved in the male guppy tank. I finally decided to rescue him (I have a school in my 20 gallon)...
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    Am I starving my betta?

    When we first got my daughter's betta, we were overfeeding him and caused him to be constipated. This was several months ago and we scaled way back. Someone just told me that I am not feeding him near enough.. is she right and we overcompensated? All of our tanks are fasted on Sundays. M...
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    Sucking up shrimp

    My profile is a little out of date.. my 10 gallon is cycled and in use as a fry tank. It is a bare bottom tank. It is also temporarily housing my cherry shrimp until I figure out what to do with them (long story but my original plans fell through). My problem is.. I keep vacuuming them up! This...
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    5.5 gallon Fish Stocking Ideas

    I have an ocean/beach themed bathroom. We have a perfect spot for a 5.5 gallon in there. We are planning sand substrate, with maybe some ocean colored glass stones, beach-y decorations, an ocean background.. no live plants in here because of lighting issues. We will use a mini heater and a...
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    My fish are sick?

    I have a pregnant guppy that is pooping white. My school of diamond Tetras have started hiding. I hardly ever see them and they don't usually even come out for food. No other strange things.. all the fish physically look fine. What is wrong with them?
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    50 gallon stocking

    x1 Angelfish x2 Honey Gouramis x5 Mystery Snails x9 Guppies (3 males) x10 Diamond Tetras x10 Corys (I don't know what kind yet, suggestions?) Would this work? (And would there be any room left? According to aqadvisor, this is 100%)
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    Fish in mail came early, not home

    Hello all, I have a problem and need some fast advice. I bought a couple of guppies off aquabid and they were supposed arrive tomorrow. My daughter called and they are there now. She is the only one home. I have her floating the bag in my tank. I am at work and can't leave for several more...
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    50 gallon tank questions

    My husband, after telling me that I couldn't have any more tanks... lol, brought me home a 50 gallon. He said it was too good of a deal to pass up. Tank, stand, 2 whisper 60 filters, and some misc stuff for $50. I'm not setting it up for several months at least, I am not ready for it.. still...
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    Filtration questions

    My daughter has a 5.5 gallon betta tank. The filter that came with it went out and my husband, who is not a fish person, went to petco and bought the cheapest filter they had to replace it. It's a tetra whisper 10i. We've used it for awhile but it's huge and according to aqadvisor, way too...
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    How many more fish?

    I've ran my tank through aqadvisor, but the amount of fish they say I can have seems like a lot to me. I have a 20 gallon long, it is fully cycled. I do water changes every Sunday and I am pretty OCD about testing the water every morning. It currently has a java fern and frogbit and I will be...
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    Nitrates (again) and ph

    Good morning all! I posted before about how my tap has 40 nitrates in it, and I've tested several times since and it has stayed consistent. My tanks stay at 40-60 nitrates. To combat this, I have added a Java fern in my main tank and have some frogbit coming in the mail. I have also placed...
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    Pygmy corys

    I found pygmy corys today at a lfs that is a bit out of the way. They were so cute! I was going to get 4 or 5 but some quick googling talked me out of it. My substrate is a mix of sand and tiny rocks (bigger than gravel but not by much, bought at petco). It's really pretty and reminds me of...
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    Guppy fry tank questions

    My guppy is going to give birth anyday. I've been searching for a small tank that would match my kitchen.. because it's the only place I have available. We finally picked the hawkeye 3 gallon 360 (it's a kit), haven't bought it yet. I am not thrilled with the choice but it's the best we could...
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    What killed my guppy?

    Hi all. I woke up this morning to a dead guppy. I have no idea why she died and I am worried about the rest of my fish. The water this morning (I check daily) was 0 amnonia and 0 nitrites. I did not test nitrates but it has been consistent at around 30 (my tap has nitrates in it). My ph is 8.2...
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    What is wrong with my snail?

    My snail was a beautiful ivory color and now he is turning grey on the tip and his color is fading. I've googled, but can't find anything. What is wrong with him and how do I fix it? Thanks
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    Where to buy cherry shrimp?

    None of my local stores, up to an hour away, sell them. I've checked craigslist and asked on facebook (have a few friends that have fish). Any other suggestions?

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