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  1. Filter on or off during feeding time?

    I really don't ever turn mine off except for the times I've moved. I find that leaving it on during water changes helps to clear up some of the stuff that I stir up from the bottom of the tank during my gravel vac. It also helps to catch any food that might otherwise sink to the bottom and just...
  2. It's been a while...

    Thank you!
  3. Introducing my new betta

    Hahaha, thanks!
  4. new babies, suggestions and advice please!

    How did you separate them? Do you have another tank you can set up? They are in danger of being eaten as long as they are bite-size, unfortunately.
  5. 30 Gallon Tank My Pirates themed tank

    Very cool tank!
  6. Introducing my new betta

    Awww Congrats on your new fishy friend! His new home looks nice and cozy
  7. It's been a while...

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here. I've been super busy with life. Anyway, today I am adding one male and three female guppies to my 29 gallon After several attempts at keeping other fish for a while, I lost my two bettas and decided to retire my 10 gallon and 1.5 gallon from...
  8. Introducing Elliot

    LOL!! So cute
  9. How Do I How do I lower Nitrites?

    Oh definitely should have the filter set up. It will probably move right along once you do
  10. How Do I How do I lower Nitrites?

    Adding more airstones and turning the temp UP as high as possible will actually help speed the process along. From my experience, all you can do is wait. First your ammonia will go down, then your nitrites, and then you can physically remove nitrates with water changes. I've definitely noticed...
  11. Help Not sure what it is

    I Googled "fish parasite sunken belly" to see what I could find. I looked through most of the links on the first page and they all say that a sunken belly and weight loss are a sign of internal parasites. I know that there are medications you can buy to treat them but I do not have any personal...
  12. Help Not sure what it is

    Hmmm...the reason I asked is because I had 3 julii cories that died from having sunken bellies. They never stopped eating though so I believe they had a parasite as well. I agree with catsma_97504 that you are overstocked. You should consider getting a bigger tank or getting rid of some of...
  13. Floyd in his 29 gallon kingdom with his subjects...

    LOL! Yeah I just picked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option on YouTube's audioswap and that's I ended up with. I thought it was kinda funny, hahaha. I have two little julii cories in there They're so cute. Thanks for the comments
  14. My Gourami in her 20 gallon tank

    Beautiful fish, gorgeous tank, and I LOVE that her name is Fruit Loops LOL!
  15. Floyd in his 29 gallon kingdom with his subjects...

    That is King One Fin Floyd and his cory subjects.
  16. Help Not sure what it is

    What kind of fish are they?
  17. My betta, Blizzard, in his 10 gallon tank.

    Thanks everybody! He seems very happy to me which is all I want for him. Love spoiling my little finned friends.
  18. My betta, Blizzard, in his 10 gallon tank.

    LOL! So true! I love when he flares his gills...or whatever is around his gills, I'm not sure what it is they're doing, lol. But It looks really cool. The first time he did it it freaked me out! I thought he was going to try to jump out at me! He's great bettas, so much personality
  19. velvet

    I don't know anything about velvet or ich from experience, sorry. But I did look up CopperSafe for you and found this: "Precautions: CopperSafe may be harmful to plants and some snails. If possible, remove plants and invertebrates without an exoskeleton from the aquarium. Otherwise, treat...
  20. Question Guppy in a 2.5 gallon tank temporarily?

    I agree that they prefer to have others around but that's only because they are constantly trying to mate every second of every day with any other guppy that is in the tank (the males anyway), LOL! He'd be happy either way, with a friend or in a home all to himself Definitely get a male...their...

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