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  1. Narwhal

    40 Gallon Tank Any Ideas?

    I just bought a tank! It was $200 for the 38 gallon tank, the filter, the heater, and the stand all together. I set it up yesterday (I had nightmares of buckets ) and it sat overnight. Now I'm not sure what to put into the tank. The title says the rest.
  2. Narwhal

    Important Sick Platy

    I don't know how to explain what's wrong with my Platy. Its top fin looks nipped and there is a weird pinkish spot on one side of its body that it rubs against the side of the tank. It looks like it's struggling to swim. What should I do? I did a water change yesterday with a small amount of...
  3. Narwhal

    Cory problem

    I have two corydoras in my 10 gallon, and in the past few days I've noticed I can see him breathing, but not any of my other fish in that tank. What could this be?
  4. Narwhal

    New Tank

    So, yesterday I was at PetSmart while my parents were shopping, and I remembered I had an old fishbowl in the basement, so I decided to get some fish. I ended up getting a female Betta and a Gold Mystery Snail (I think). They're both doing great and I'll be sure to post pics soon. Also, I put my...
  5. Narwhal

    I need some advice for my teacher

    This year in Science class, we are studying life, and (lucky me!) there are two 10 gallon fish tanks in the room! I am the fish expert in the class and I want to help my teacher choose which fish to get. She wants something interesting to watch. I think it would be good to have some hardy fish...
  6. Narwhal

    20 Gallon Tank New Flame Tetras

    Here's a video of my Flame Tetras. I got 2 new ones today. I figured if Archie dies, he shouldn't die all alone.
  7. Narwhal

    The Rats

    Here are some pictures of my recently adopted rats. Their names are Percy (Left) and Grover (Right). They're really smart and fun to watch. They really like to climb, and get from the bottom floor of their cage to the top in about 4 seconds! I've had them for about a month.
  8. Narwhal

    20 Gallon Tank Could I do this?

    I went to the fish store yesterday to get my water tested (mom wanted to go to hear their opinion on why my tank isn't/wasn't cycling), and the person I talked to said I could keep about 5 African Cichlids in my tank. Is this true? I figured it would be because they only get to 5 inches, but I...
  9. Narwhal

    Question Could it be?

    I went to the fish store yesterday, because my mom wanted their opinion on why my tank isn't cycling. We went in, I told an employee the whole story, he tested the water I brought in. The levels were: Ammonia: 1.0 ppm NitrIte: 0 ppm NitrAte: 15 ppm pH: 6.0!!! So he said my pH was the...
  10. Narwhal

    Help Eye Problem

    One of my Flame Tetra's eyes is messed up. It's bigger and seems to have some sort of clear stuff growing on it. I put a (not cleaned) filter cartridge from the 10 gallon in to help the tank cycle, but that brought some algae with it. Could it be that? The main algae in the 10 gallon is brown...
  11. Narwhal

    New 10 Gallon Stocking

    I'm going to move the fish in my 10 gallon to the 20 gallon once it cycles, and moving the 20 gallon filter to the 10 gallon and restocking it. I was wondering which of these setups would be best for the 10 gallon. Setup A: Neon Tetras x7 Julii Corydoras x4 Setup B: Neon Tetras x5...
  12. Narwhal

    Help Tank's not Cycling

    I've been waiting a LONG time for my tank to cycle, and it hasn't yet. Could Prime slow it down? Also, there's a small amount of clear, sort of stringy-looking algae/fungus thing around where my fish normally swims. Could that be the problem? I just want this tank to cycle.
  13. Narwhal

    Help Fish goes to top

    One of my Flame Tetras goes to the top sometimes and it looks like he's trying to get air. I use Prime every day and do a water change once a week. My tank is STILL cycling.
  14. Narwhal

    Question Could I add a Betta?

    In my 20 gallon fish tank, I want to have a female Betta. Would it do well with tetras, barbs, a Platy, a Bristlenose Pleco, and a gourami? Also, would I have to remove my 20 gallon filter? ???
  15. Narwhal

    Question What should I add?

    I'm wondering what I should add to my 20 gallon. I want something that won't produce much waste, that can have a pH from 6-8, is hardy, and that my Flame Tetras won't bother or be bothered by. Any suggestions? Oh, and also, how many should I add of it?
  16. Narwhal

    Question How much?

    I have 3 questions: 1: How much ammonia is harmful, how much is lethal 2: How much nitrite is harmful, how much is lethal, can Prime stop it and how much 3: How much nitrate is harmful, how much is lethal My pH is 7.4-7.6, if that matters.
  17. Narwhal

    I'm such a weirdo...

    Today, I went out and bought some live Blackworms to feed my fish, and then I remembered I had an old Betta tank in the basement. So I went down, filled it up and dechlorinated it, and put the worms in. :;rab Anyone else done something like this? Vote in the poll.
  18. Narwhal

    Important Flies?!?

    Sometimes when I take the lid off of my 10 gallon tank, a little fly comes out and flies away. I have thought it was dust or something until now. I looked at the lights and there are dead flies on them. What should I do?!? I think it could be from the worms and the brown algae I have in the...
  19. Narwhal

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking

    After moving my Corydoras and Pleco out into the 20 gallon, what should I add? Would a male Guppy work? I'd also like to add another Platy or two. Thanks in advance!
  20. Narwhal

    Cichlid Pages (Not on Forum)

    I didn't know where else to post this, so I posted it here. I noticed that you can't post tips or comments on most, if not all of the Cichlid pages, and they don't give as much information as other pages.

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