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  1. ferndog3869

    Snail Egg Sack

    Should I try to remove it, or just let it be. I believe their from my mystery snails. I have fancy gold fish in the tank wondering if they will eat them when hatched..
  2. ferndog3869

    Freshwater Salt

    Looking for advice on weather to use salt or not, in my 100g cichlid community tank..
  3. ferndog3869

    Sick Molly

    Strange white blister looking thing on end of fin, literally looks like it's got fluid inside. Any ideas?
  4. ferndog3869

    Micro Bubbles From Fx6 Filter

    I got lots of micro bubbles coming out of my fx6 filter outlet, makes the tanks look carbonated. It just started last time I shut it off for water change. Never has it done it before.
  5. ferndog3869

    Qt/med Tank

    Witch is better to have in a qt/med tank gravel or bare glass bottom?
  6. ferndog3869

    Strange Bed Fellows.

    I know ur not supposed to keep angels and discus together but I have in my 125g 5 large Angels and 5 Discus for over two years and they get along and are thriving
  7. ferndog3869

    125g Plant Id Please

    Plant I'd.
  8. ferndog3869

    Cichlid Id

    Can u help ID this cichlid..
  9. ferndog3869

    Fluffy White Stuff On Ram Fin.

    2 of my rams got this white fluffy stuff on just the fins. It's not ich, I'm thinking it's some fungus. Got them in my qt tank now for 3 days been treating with Hikari bifuran and I'm not seeing it get better it's not worse tho. Any ideas as to what it may be and different ways to treat. Thanks.
  10. ferndog3869

    Bloated Pleco

    Pleco is bloated and very stringy white poop.. any ideas/help appreciated. Had him a long time..
  11. ferndog3869

    Nitrite Spike

    .25ppm nitrite spike on 125g after water change. Tank is established always runs at 0ppm, but noticed the spike the next day. Any insights on what's going on fish seem fine..
  12. ferndog3869

    Any Thoughts On Running Pressurized Co2 Through The Air Inlet On A Power Head.

    Co2 through a power head.
  13. ferndog3869

    125 Gallon

    Got these driftwood pieces from the banks of the Colorado River already sun bleached white. Soaked and pressure washed the main problem was trying to keep it down.
  14. ferndog3869

    40g Cichlid Tank

    Got the rocks from the Colorado River. Slightly over stocked but waiting on my 90g tall next week.
  15. ferndog3869

    New Here. Here's A Pic Of My 125g.

    It took 3 months to cycle and set up.

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