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  1. ROBfromFL

    Nitrite Nightmare- Need Help!

    You are absolutely correct. I know that the chlorine levels are good so I checked the bottle and I am using AquaSafe not SafeStart- rookie mistake. Thank you. Yeah, the store had the algae eater mislabeled as I never would have added a fish that gets so large. I did some research and it...
  2. ROBfromFL

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    Great info, thank you. I bought a couple snails for my new tank because I heard they help eat algae. I'm not sure that was good advice it seems but my kids (and me too) love these guys.
  3. ROBfromFL

    Nitrite Nightmare- Need Help!

    Thanks everyone for the input. I went ahead and did the 75% water change which brought Nitrites down from 5.0PPM to 0.5PPM. Still high but nothing like it was. I have read about the nitrogen cycle but up until this few days without power, it hadn't ever fluctuated this badly. The tank itself...
  4. ROBfromFL

    Nitrite Nightmare- Need Help!

    i bought a new aquarium for my kids. We have a 10 gallon with a standard filter made for the tank. Had it for about 2 weeks before any fish were added and things were going fine for the next 4 weeks. I have 5 fish total- 2 neon Tetras, 2 neon danios and a long, skinny algae eater. We also have...

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