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  1. Powder Blue Gourami Aggression

    Hi everyone! Having an issue with my 75 gal community tank. So for the past month I’ve built up the population in my tank, including introducing some powder blue gouramis. Against the advice of the LFS I got two males and a female, thinking my tank was big enough for them to keep away from each...
  2. Help Identify My Fish!

  3. Help Identify My Fish!

    Day 2 in the tank and 1 rasbora is confirmed dead, another two missing presumed also dead. The remaining fish seem ok, but are remaining hidden in the corners of the tank mostly. Water parameters are good so I'm certain it is not a problem with ammonia/nitrite/nitrate. Acclimated for almost two...
  4. Help Identify My Fish!

    It's only a 5.5 I've heard the micro rasboras can do well in small tanks, but I plan on upgrading to something much larger in the next couple of months
  5. Help Identify My Fish!

    Just googled Brilliant Rasboras and I believe you are correct
  6. Help Identify My Fish!

    OK from what I am reading in their fish profiles, SAE tend to get hyperactive when placed in a new environment and Dwarf Rasboras spook easily(winning combo lol). Hopefully he will settle down by tomorrow morning so his tankmates won't feel so shy
  7. Help Identify My Fish!

    Great! Thanks for the replies! Follow up question: Can they be aggressive? I notice my rasboras are hanging out near my filter intake in a more densely planted area, and I’m worried they are afraid. The SAE seems to have taken over the more open mid area
  8. Help Identify My Fish!

    Happy Friday everyone! My LFS finally got the dwarf rasboras I’ve been waiting on! I got 9 rasboras and one unidentified freebie who was mixed in with them at the store. My guess is an algae eater based on coloration but I’m not sure.. thoughts?
  9. Add Shrimp Or Fish First?

    I just finished cycling a small tank and plan on stocking with Neon tetras and Cherry shrimp. I'm curious if I should add the shrimp or tetras first? -I've heard the shrimp can be sensitive to environmental changes (argument for adding fish first) -The shrimp would clean the tank up nice for the...
  10. I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    Nitrites have finally dropped from ~2.0 to 0.0 last night! Looks like I'm finally done! Thanks all for the advice
  11. Frogbit Maintenance

    When thinning out frogbit, is it better to remove smaller younger plants or would removing larger older plants make more sense?
  12. Help Wiggly White Worms!

    Doesn't look like Detritus Worms or Planaria to me... maybe nematodes?
  13. I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    Posting an update. I have continued to dose ammonia at ~2ppm, which still drops back to 0 overnight. My little nitrosomonas are still hard at work . Nitrobacter however, still seem to be struggling to catch up. I'm convinced they are present due to high nitrate levels, but not enough to get...
  14. I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    Thank you for your advice! I’ll be patient for now. If I continue to add ammonia, won’t it overload my system with nitrite? I’ve heard that too much Nitrite can stall a cycle(this is what I had thought got me stuck the first time).
  15. I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    I have been using bottled bacteria, and my initial nitrite stage lasted about 13 days. I was under the impression that after my nitrites were eaten the first time(ie once my nitrobacter had established) that ammonia and nitrites should be removed within 24 hours
  16. Newbie Fish Keeper

    Thanks Zigi! I’m pretty well acquainted with it now. Did a lot of research on it over that last few weeks. I’m actually stuck in a cycle right now..
  17. I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    I recently started a 5 gallon planted tank and ran it through a fishless cycle(although a few physella acuta snuck in) I accidentally overdosed on ammonia at the start and got stuck in a Nitrite spike, but finally after a long wait all my ammonia and nitrite levels came back down. As was...
  18. Newbie Fish Keeper

    Hi! I’m pretty new to the hobby, but very much motivated to learn everything I can to make my fish happy

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