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  1. Lorekeeper

    The Money Pit - 75 Gallon Build

    Things are looking great! Love the color variety in this tank. How have things been aggression-wise? You've got a lot of fish in there that I'd be nervous to add together in anything less than a 240.
  2. Lorekeeper

    The Girlfriend's Mixed Tank

    Good to see another salty tank on here! Loving the macros, too. Be careful with the BTA. I took in an extremely bleached LTA, and it died in my 10 gallon. I'm pretty sure that's what eventually caused my tank to crash. Mine looked way worse than yours ever did, but still, it's a risk.
  3. Lorekeeper

    Help Me Decide How To Get Back Into The Hobby!

    Stella's a mod? Say whattttttt?!!!! Good for her! Very hard. Comes out of the tap at around 190 PPM.
  4. Lorekeeper

    Help Bowing Aquarium

    How sturdy is your fix? Does it actually hold tension? If the plastic is holding up, and you can put extra pressure on your fix without it snapping, I'd say you're okay for day-to-day use. However, if it's not really sturdy and is compromised, I'd look around for another solution. You could DIY...
  5. Lorekeeper

    Help Me Decide How To Get Back Into The Hobby!

    Lol, a fiery ball of fury, eh? Sounds intense. I'm mulling over the freshwater ideas. I tend to have a hard time staying interested long-term with freshwater tanks. I'll have to add some sort of crazy spin to it or something. How's a big ole' mangrove sound? Have a couple little pygmy sunfish...
  6. Lorekeeper

    Help Me Decide How To Get Back Into The Hobby!

    Eh, bettas are pretty, but not what I'm looking for. Plus, this tank is only like 10" at it's widest point. I think a betta needs more horizontal space, personally.
  7. Lorekeeper

    Help Me Decide How To Get Back Into The Hobby!

    Some of you might remember me from a long while back - I was that weirdo who spent all of his time on here for like 10 months straight. Well, maybe I should have done less Fishloring and more maintenance, or something. I had my tank crash hard during the summer. After putting time and money...
  8. Lorekeeper

    Coral Newbie Here!

    Too bad you decided to skip on the PAR 38! I'm sure what you picked will do fine, but the PAR 38's really do give you a bang for your buck that's extremely difficult to find elsewhere (without doing a completely DIY fixture). Depending on your area, you'll have a tough time finding corals and...
  9. Lorekeeper

    Lorekeeper's Tanks!

    I don't think I'll be leaving. I just invested so much time and money (that I didn't have) into that tank, and to see it all crash and burn was tough. I could've handled it better, admittedly. I never stopped missing the hobby, though, so I think I'll be getting back into it. I may go to the...
  10. Lorekeeper

    Newb To Saltwater Tank Build

    Tank is looking fantastic, bud! So great to see all the progression. I'll read through it sometime.
  11. Lorekeeper

    Lorekeeper's Tanks!

    Hey guys! Long time no see. I think I have some explaining to do... @stella1979 @xiholdtruex The 10 gallon crashed a long, long time ago. I woke up one morning to a cloudy soup, and found all the fish and most of the inverts dead. No clue what happened, but I even lost the majority of the...
  12. Lorekeeper

    Lorekeeper's Tanks!

    As of today, still no ammonia. Clown seems to be doing well, and so do all the inverts. I'll continue monitoring. The Clown Goby finally accepted a pellet. Been trying to get him off of just mysis for a while now. All is well with the macros. No complaints in either tank.
  13. Lorekeeper

    Dwarf Seahorse Tank Setup

    Looks great! I'll definitely be getting some of these guys whenever I have the time to care for them. If they're spawning, they must be happy! Can you raise the fry in home aquariums? I'd imagine they'd need rotifers, so probably not the easiest fry to raise. As for the hatchery, it's not bad...
  14. Lorekeeper

    Do I Need A Filter?

    It depends. How many live plants is "some", and what plants are you keeping? If you've got a tank full of fast-growing plants and a decent light, then no, you won't really need a filter. Any ammonia produced should be taken care of by the plants. But, if you've got a tank full of slower growing...
  15. Lorekeeper

    Plant Ideas For 2, 5 Gallons

    What lighting do you have? That'll be important. Java Moss, Java Fern, Marimo Moss, Hornwort, Pennywort, Anacharis, and Onion Bulbs are all plants that SHOULD do well under weak LEDs. Your options expand, though, if you choose a more powerful light.
  16. Lorekeeper

    Anyone Ever Seen This C02 Mehod?

    I've seen it used in old (old, old) planted tanks before. I think it's a bit slower than a diffuser, but it's also more efficient, since ALL of the CO2 is absorbed into the water column. It's also a bit unsightly, but hey, it works. The only true con I can think of is that you'd have to...
  17. Lorekeeper

    What’s The Difference Between Apistogramma Agassizi Fire Red And Orange Fire?

    It's a color variation. I actually believe that if you breed Fire Reds, you have a chance of getting Orange Fires, and vise versa.
  18. Lorekeeper

    Api General Cure Vs Jungle Parasiste Clear

    Thanks for the info! I had no idea they changed. I mostly use specific meds now, instead of an all-in-one. Honestly, without stringy/white poop and a lot of sunken in bellies, it makes me question whether or not it's internal parasites. But, treating with General Cure can't hurt. The Jungle...
  19. Lorekeeper

    Power Failure Back Up

    Sorry to hear about the power issue! I know Lexington and most of Woodford county are struggling right now. The Azoo line of products are very nice. I use an Azoo pump for transporting fish.

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