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  1. Joe L.

    Pleco Question

    Hes just a common pleco that does eat algae. He was doing it when I first got him, and then stopped. Hes about 8 inches, so not a baby lol
  2. Joe L.

    Does Anyone At All Know How To Cure Swimbladder?

    So, I have a convict cichlid that I posted about not too long ago having swim bladder... I've tried almost everything that was mentioned except the peeled peas. I heard that doesn't really work. I havent done the Epsom salt bath either... but after reading other posts about swimbladder issues...
  3. Joe L.

    Pleco Question

    So do they ever come out and actually clean up at night? Lol it's in my bedroom so I would most likely see it. I have my LEDs set on a timer to dim down to the lowest setting at 12am and come back on at 7am...
  4. Joe L.

    Pleco Question

    Why does my pleco just sit behind the filter stem all day and not do his job? Lol! My tank isn't dirty or anything or have an overgrowth of algae, but I feel like at this rate, it may start to... lol why do they do that?
  5. Joe L.

    African Cichlids Vs. Oscars

    The Texas is actually one of the most mellow lol he just like to swim around and dig ditches around things everything seems to fine as of right now. But yes, I'm actually moving at the end of next month and I plan on keeping the other cichlids in the 75g and I'm buying a 150+gal for the oscars...
  6. Joe L.

    African Cichlids Vs. Oscars

    Ok, so I'm prepared to hear alot of angry comments after saying this.. but whatever. Y'all can have your own opinions and run your tanks how you want. Lol in my case... I have a 75 gal African cichlid tank (mostly peacocks/mbunas). I also have a large Texas cichlid, a decent sized convict...
  7. Joe L.

    African Cichlids Vs. Oscars

    What would you say is more aggressive/dominant, assuming they are the same size... Africans or Oscars? (I know Oscars get much bigger than Africans, that's why I said that lol)
  8. Joe L.

    Electric Blue Acara Compatibility?

    Alot of people will get upset at me saying this, but oh well... you can mix whatever works together really. I have an African cichlid tank with a few central American species as well that mix very well with the others. They're awesome. And theres some fish of the same kind that dont mix well...
  9. Joe L.

    Swim Bladder Questions...

    I feel like a 50% water change will stress them out enough to maybe kill some of them... I've lost fish in the past due to water changes that weren't even that high... maybe 30% and I lost 2 of them one time. And I used the correct chemicals too so I know it wasnt that. So I dont really know. I...
  10. Joe L.

    Swim Bladder Questions...

    Would a 10% water change every day for the next week help with the ammonia problem?
  11. Joe L.

    Swim Bladder Questions...

    I have a convict cichlid that is swimming everywhere face down. Like his tail is wanting to float but hes fighting it almost... kinda funny but sad. I've talked to a few people about what it may be and they said swim bladder issues. I conditioned the water with ammonia killer because I know that...
  12. Joe L.

    Question Mixing Wild Caught With Store Bought?

    So.. I have a cichlid tank with about 15 mid sized fish. I just recently found a lake where I can catch the Mayan cichlids.. or peacock bass I guess some call them? I caught one and have it in a separate tank alone and he seems to be pretty aggressive compared to the others.. is that because hes...
  13. Joe L.

    Question Lights On Timer?

    How important is it really to have your lights on a day/night cycle? What are some of the side effects of not doing that?
  14. Joe L.

    Unwillingly Inherited A Tank And Fell In Love

    Filtration isnt so bad. You should be fine with weekly 20-30% water changes and a normal filter rated for that size tank or maybe even rated for a 75gal. Just swap out the filter cartridges every month.
  15. Joe L.

    Dwarf Gouramis All Dying

    I feel like 45% weekly water changes would be a little too much for a tank like that.. you should see better results with just a 20% weekly or 40% biweekly. That heavy water change may be stressing them out. I could be wrong. Just a suggestion.
  16. Joe L.

    My New Little Baby!! Carpintis Texas

    Marley. That can be a guys or girls name
  17. Joe L.

    Help Blood Parrot Cichlid Laying At Bottom Of Tank

    Have you checked to see if your heater is working properly? Being that they are warm water fish, if the water is too cold, they can possibly become very inactive and lazy and kinda shut down a bit.
  18. Joe L.

    29 Gallon Tank Convict Cichlid Tank Mates

    It should be fine if you start them out together while they're young. And only do that if you plan on getting a bigger tank for them within the next 3-6 months because they're going to outgrow that tank for sure. Some would say it's not a good mix but in reality it's all about 'trial and error'...
  19. Joe L.

    Question Flakes Or Pellets?

    So I bought a mixture of the kelp flakes and veggie flakes so I mix them up and crush them into crumbs almost and sprinkle them in. How often do you give them frozen and freeze dried treats? That's exactly what I have too I meant to say kelp pellets* and veggie pellets* not flakes lol
  20. Joe L.

    Chinese Algea Eaters


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