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  1. Help Angelfish has "scabs" on his body

    My one angelfish has developed scabs on his body. I can't quite tell what they are from the picture or how to possibly treat him. He's still eating when its feeding time but won't go out of his way to eat when its not for a treat or something. water condition tested with the master kit and is...
  2. New 20 Gallon Hexagon Setup

    Going to be putting a Betta in here with some neons. Currently a couple of honey gourami 's in there while I find the right Betta. There's a 24/7 RGB light and sponge filter behind the fake plant.
  3. Pretty In Orange

  4. Sitting Pretty

    4 inch weather loach
  5. Prime Bottle (new Lid)

    Not sure where to post this or if its even worth it. Was tossing out an old bottle and figured id try to swap lids and it fits securely on the prime bottle.
  6. Fish Identification

  7. Just My Angelfish Swimming At The Top Of The Tank

    I recently did a 50% water change using Prime in my 65 gallon community tank and like the title says just the angelfish are swimming at the surface. They occasionally gulp for air also. None of the other fish in my tank are acting this way. I replaced the pump and stone for my tank prior to the...

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