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  1. Free Mystery Snail Montana

    Free mystery snails to anyone willing to come to the Bozeman, MT area for pickup! Gold color, about the size of a nickel
  2. Help Sick Betta

    Yes sorry that’s what I meant! Typo haha. But yeah that is tea tree oil it’s what coats the labyrinth organ
  3. Help Sick Betta

    I’m not sure if his behavior is caused by this, but Melanie is apparently very bad for Bettas as the oil coats the labyrinth organ and suffocated them basically. An easier/ more natural way to treat fin rot is to make sure the water is as clean as possible and warm (78-80), and if possible...
  4. Free Gold Mystery Snails

    Have a bunch of gold mystery babies. Shipping cost me about $11 last time for 2 day shipping, that’s all you would have to pay. I have some that are a tiny bit larger than a pea, and a lot that are about half of that size. As many as you want!
  5. Topfin Bettaflo Soothe Tank Filter Broken

    Alright I wil! She had just cleaned out the tank so I didn’t want to stress her fish out more. Thank you
  6. Topfin Bettaflo Soothe Tank Filter Broken

    i told my friend id take care of her fish while shes home for the summer. she has the 3.5 topfin betta soothe tank. Ive never dealt with an under gravel filter and was wondering if anyone had suggestions
  7. Baby Ivory/gold Mystery Snails

    Definitely will! Just had about 80 more babies hatch
  8. Baby Ivory/gold Mystery Snails

    Messy now cause there’s still some hatching out
  9. Baby Ivory/gold Mystery Snails

    Hi! I currently have about 60 mystery snail babies, with two more clutches on the way. If you’d like some, you’d only have to pay for shipping or anything I’d need to accommodate the snails. I’m planning on having them until they’re slighty larger just to increase survival chances.
  10. 25 Gal Tall

    Im definitely excited! but I did a fish in cycle with my other tanks before i knew about the nitrogen cycle, so Im likely going to do a fishless cycle for the 25 jsut to make it easier on the little guys but thank you for the recommendations on everything!!!
  11. 25 Gal Tall

    I hadn’t! I definitely like a more peaceful fish , I loved the neons because they just kind of moved around to diff spots of the tank and hung out instead of zipping around. But I think they’d look great in it! I’ll look into it. And yeah my veil tail had really bad fin rot when I got him (got...
  12. 25 Gal Tall

    I figured my betta wouldn’t mind it TOO much as he isn’t super heavily finned like say a Halfmoon. Do you think it would be possible if I got a ton of resting spots along the way to the top? If it would be more uncomfortable for him to be in the tall tank I could totally keep him in the 3 gal, I...
  13. 25 Gal Tall

    I’m pretty much open to anything! I am more of a beginner though so I’d like to have fish that are known for being a little hardy. We recently had a mystery illness that wiped out all my blue neons, but left my black neons and snails alone. I do love the looks of tetras though, so if there’s a...
  14. 25 Gal Tall

    Hi, I recently got a 25 gal tall tank. I need stocking opinions. in a ten gal long, i have 3 neon tetras (the others didnt survive some now treated ick) and two mystery snails. in a 3 gallon tank i have a male betta (veiltail) with ghost shrimp. would it be better for me to put the betta and...
  15. Question Is This Normal? Bump On My Betta.

    i spoil bub too much lol but i dont feel like theres anything wrong with him long story short
  16. Question Is This Normal? Bump On My Betta.

    youre fine! its just hard to tell with them unless the lighting is SUPER bright, i need to tkae pics with flash for my dark red guy. but yeah i just give him like 2 flakes the size of his eye twice a day and hes still a chunker
  17. Question Is This Normal? Bump On My Betta.

    honestly that just looks like my guy when he overeats, but its kind of hard to see due to the lighting
  18. Fish Sucked Up In Filter

    For my betta, I put in indian almond leaves for him when he got scratched up on a decoration, as well as when he had fin damage when i first got him. if the fish you have dont need a high ph the leaves would help a bit
  19. Important Tetras Suddenly Died

    My boyfriend is telling me they were fuzzy like they had been dead for much longer- could that be fungus? I’ll reply w a pic he’s sending me one of the dead ones now Sorry that it isn’t pretty but as you can see the other fish took a LOT out of him in a short time considering my bf fed them...
  20. Important Tetras Suddenly Died

    hi, I had a ten gal with 11 neon tetras that were just finally getting past an ich outbreak. My boyfriend got home from work today (was only gone for 8 hours) and he said there were 5 dead fish all in our floating water wisteria. He’s sending my pictures because he thinks they just ate too...

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