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  1. Question Help Finding Multifasciatus.

    I've been recently looking for some multifasciatus. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for finding them. I asked the two fish stores within a hundred mile radius and neither of them have anything. Thanks for any help.
  2. Help What Is This Water Bug?

  3. Help Pleco Id-bristlenose Or Common

  4. Fish Id

  5. Emergency- New Tank

    These fish started acting weird and I looked at the tank again and this is what happened. They were moved from my old 55 to my new 55 and after a day they started acting weird. Now this has happened. I put the old filter onto the new tank in case of ammonia or anything. I’ve been doing 50% water...
  6. What Type Of Snail Is This?

  7. Plants Dying

    I recently got these plants from pet co as it’s the nearest place I can get plants and now they’re starting to look like this. This is what they looked like a few days ago.
  8. Angel Fish Breeding

    Angel by Mason Kent posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:32 PM Recently these two angels started breeding. The 'male' (I'm almost certain it's a male) is eating the eggs as the female is laying the eggs. Every once in a while the male will come up and fertilize the eggs but then instantly will eat them. I'm...
  9. Journey To Breeding Fish

    I currently have 5 angel fish, 2 Corydoras, 3 Adult platys, 16 platy fry (first successfully bred fish by me), 4 Gourami’s. I plan to breed all of these fish once they get old enough. Platy breeding I have 2 female platys and 1 male platy. A little over one week ago one of the female platys...
  10. No Eggs Coming From Female Gourami

    My two gouramis have been breeding for the last 30 minutes but no eggs have come from the female, you can visibly see that she has eggs but no eggs have come out yet, does it normally take a while for the eggs to start coming or what? This is my first time breeding gouramis and help would be...
  11. Where To Place Heaters?

    I have 3 tanks but only 2 heaters, in the top left I have 16 platy fry (with a heater at 78), the top right has 12 cory eggs (with a heater at 80), and the bottom one has a male and female honey Gourami (no heater at 75). My question is which tanks should I have a heater in.
  12. How Do These Platys Look?

    These platys are currently a week old, they are fed live baby brine shrimp daily, I have around 15-16 of them, none have died. Also the water has become cloudy yesterday and I don’t know what caused it, it has a grayish tint and I’ve tried doing water changes and it’s not going away much, any...
  13. Oscar In Pond

    I currently have one Oscar which is around 8 inches in a 120 gallon pond. He seems to be doing fine but I'm wondering as to what I should do with him during the winter. I live in north Florida where in the winter it can sometimes drop to 30 degrees and I'm pretty sure an Oscar would not survive...

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