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  1. Green Phantom And Lemon Pleco Together?

    I just added a lemon Pleco to a 55 gallon. I already have a green phantom Pleco in a 29 gallon and would love to upgrade him. Will the two plecos be ok together in the 55?
  2. Upgraded 20 gallon Long

    Finally was able to upgrade my serpaes from a 10 gallon to a 20 long. They were in 10 gallon because they couldn't behave in my community tank and had to be removed! How do you like it?
  3. Corydoras Arcuatus

    Calling all cory lovers. I can't believe I've never seen these guys before and I haven't seen them talked about on fishlore either. Commonly referred to as skunk corys. C # C020. Seriouslyfish has their temp range between 20-28 Celsius so I wanted to double check that with you all. I keep...
  4. New Tank Rinsing

    What do you all do to rinse newly purchased tanks? Just water or something more?
  5. What Fish Is This?

    I'm sure this is an easy one, but it wasn't labeled at the store. Thanks!
  6. To Betta Or Not To Betta

    So I've had a 5.5 gallon tank sitting on my bedside table for what seems like months now. It is currently fishless. It has some plants, a small piece of spider wood and some rocks. I bought the small fluval co2 kit but have not added it yet. Was debating going high tech and mostly planted...
  7. Pseudohemiodon Apithanos

    Does anybody have experience with this fish? Wondering if it would work in a 55 gallon. It will be a planted tank. I can pre-order with my LFS. Thanks!
  8. Rapid Fish Deaths. Help!

    I have lost 25 cardinal tetras in 2 days. They are in a 29 g and the only other inhabitant is a green phantom Pleco. He is now my main concern. I'm thinking it's columnaris. There were no symptoms initially but I see one of the remaining 5 cardinals had a white growth around his eyes. I have...
  9. 2 Fish Deaths

    Need some help understanding why I lost these two fish. Newly set up 29 gallon tank. Fishless cycle completed and was processing 3ppm ammonia overnight. Added full stock to tank within 1 week (mainly to avoid a QT) and was advised this would be ok. I added 10 cardinals and a pair of A...
  10. We've Got Fish!

    A long time in the making and we've finally got fish! 29 gallon tank 11 cardinal tetras 2 apistogramma cacatuoides "triple red" (pair) 1 green phantom Pleco L200 (will probably move to larger tank based on your suggestions!) I went back and forth on stocking ideas but am very happy how it...
  11. Concerned About Tetras Scales

    Hopefully you guys can help me. I have 6 lamp eye tetras and a couple of them have some discoloration on their scales. I'm worried it's fungal. They are in a 46 gallon community tank. Parameters constantly test 0,0,10. They've been in the tank for a year and have just noticed this recently. Any...
  12. Brochis Splendens

    Anybody keep these? Saw them today for the first time and might want a shoal in my 55. They're like giant corys.
  13. Can Nerite Snails Have... Total noob question, I know. These two have been like this for a good 5 minutes now. Is somebody getting "snailed?"
  14. 55 Gallon Stocking Help

    I'm in the process of setting up a 55 gallon tank. I have another thread on the build but thought I should make a separate one for stocking. I would definitely like: 1 EB Jack Dempsey or 1 EB acara as the centerpiece. The rest of the stocking I really need some help with. I just saw...
  15. Clown Pleco

    Came out of hiding! Fin up too! This is a rarity for me
  16. Baltimore Aquarium

    Just got home from a day trip to the Baltimore aquarium. It's incredible! Was so exciting to see fish (especially the freshwaters) in a replica of their natural habitat. Major inspiration for my new tanks!
  17. Nerite Eggs?

    I'm assuming these are snail eggs? Haven't added anything else to my tank. Doesn't look like a bacteria or anything bad. Can you confirm? Also they need brackish to hatch?
  18. Starting A Cycle?

    I have a new 5.5 planted tank. Snail hitchhiked in on one of the plants. Now there are ten. Not too worried about them, they don't bother me. It did get me thinking though...can they produce enough ammonia to help start my cycle?
  19. Best Girlfriend Ever?

    I came home from a 2 day business trip to some presents from the lady! The t-shirt is spot on. She loves the fish but questions the addiction! How do your significant others feel ??
  20. What Type Of Cory?

    Saw this great looking cory I've never seen before at lfs. What is it?

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