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  1. Tiny Snails In Aquaclear 70 Hob

    So for about the past month and a half, when I clean out my filter I have probably 50-100 very small snails on the bottom of the bucket and left in the bath after I dispose of the dirty filter water.. I've also noticed that since I've seen them the first time that my filter, instead of lasting...
  2. Possible Parasites?

    The barbs eat fine, when they were hiding they were coming out as soon as id move the glass to start feeding them but the guppys would stop eating, and yeah pretty much there stomach would shrink and they would die. The male guppy i have now eats but spits most of it out and his stomach doesnt...
  3. Brown/black Hair Algae Removal/prevention

    Ive seen a few videos and read a little about it but im worried that i might stuff it up somehow but i will look a little more into it
  4. Brown/black Hair Algae Removal/prevention

    Yeah here are a few photos, its turned red since the bleach.
  5. Brown/black Hair Algae Removal/prevention

    Hey guys! Im having trouble with 2 types of algae, one is black beard algae, its black and fuzzy and grows around the edges of the leaves on my plans and the other is also brown, but its a hair type aglae and that is growing on the parts of the plants where the other algae is not. This has...
  6. Possible Parasites?

    Im back with an update! So its been one week since i put the 'blue planet paracide tablets' in my 30 gallon, and it has not affected my cycle at all *phew*, the barbs seem to be happier however there is still one thats hiding a little. Im going to do a water change today and start another 7 day...
  7. Possible Parasites?

  8. Possible Parasites?

    Thanks guys for all your help. I went to a pet store afterwork yesterday, told them the problem i was having and that i was sure it was parasites and they gave me 'Blue planet paracide disolvable tablets', however they couldnt tell me if it would effect the cycle, but because the 15 gallon isnt cycled...
  9. Possible Parasites?

    Awww ****, i was sure thats what it was but i wanted to see what others thought. I might try food with medication. I have pimafix but as thats not specifically for parasites its probably useless. Do you happen to know of and water medication i could use that wont effect the cycle? Ive only just...
  10. Possible Parasites?

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes guys, im at work on my break using my phone so im rushing it a bit
  11. Possible Parasites?

    Hey guys, im relatively new to keeping tropical fish, i have a 30 gallon tank thats been cycled for around about 3 months now. In it i have 2 angelfish, 6 tiger barbs, 4 moss tiger barbs, 2 bristlenose catfish and a albino rainbow shark. I do water changes and gravel vac half the tank once a...

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