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  1. 30 gallon schooling fish

    I was leaning towards 6-8 Congo or Columbian tetras. Would that work?
  2. 30 gallon schooling fish

    I am cycling a 30 gallon tank (36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 16 3/4) and want some stocking ideas. I was thinking of an angel fish for the centerpiece fish and need ideas of a schooling fish to add. I was also thinking of kuhli loaches for the bottom feeders with a clown pleco. Any suggestions?
  3. Question Lost power adapter

    I have the Beamswork 36in light ( and I moved recently and lost the power adapter to the light. The company doesn't seem to sell just the power supply. Will this power adapter work with that light...
  4. Betta With Popeye And Injuries

    He is in a 9 gallon flex with plants and mts. The water is checked once every other week and is always 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and under 10 nitrates. The water is changed every week and he always seems fine. I checked him a couple days ago and he was fine eating and swimming. Now he's in the...
  5. Canister For 38g Bowfront

    I like the Hydor 250. A lot of space for media and excellent build quality.
  6. Canister Filter Recommendations For 40 gallon?

    I would recommend Hydor canister filters. The 450 would work great in a 40 gallon.
  7. 36 Bow Front Stocking

    I love the way rams look. I'll look in to those. What schooling fish can go with the glass cats.
  8. Are These Spine Pieces Safe To Use?

    You happen to know what clear spray paint is aquarium safe?
  9. Are These Spine Pieces Safe To Use?

    It is the back of the skull. I'll file it down now that you mentioned the sharp parts. It feels like a cast of the bones so that's why I just wanted to double check. So would acrylic coating them help or should I just throw them in there?
  10. Are These Spine Pieces Safe To Use?

    I want to add these spine pieces to my tank. They feel like plastic but I am not sure. I tested them out in a bucket and they sink. I was planning on acrylic coating them just to be on the safe side.
  11. 36 Bow Front Stocking

    I am getting a dwarf gourami as a centerpiece fish. I was going to do a school of about 8 corys.
  12. 36 Bow Front Stocking

    I plan on putting them in last. It will probably be 2 months. Would rasboras or neons do better? Is there another fish that is colorful and active instead of those 2 fish?
  13. 36 Bow Front Stocking

    I'm setting up a 36 gallon bow front and I'm going to seed it with media from a tank that's well over a year old. I was thinking 10-12 glass catfish, neons or rasboras (really just want something with color), cory cats, and a bristlenose. Possibly some shrimp later on. I know glasscats need...
  14. Adding A Couple More Fish

    6 giant and the rest pearl. They are peppered cories. The CAEs are in there just to remove the algae on the river rocks that are in there after that they will be removed and replaced with bristlenose plecos. I'll remove the angel if it needs warmer water.
  15. Adding A Couple More Fish

  16. Adding A Couple More Fish

    I have 180 gallon that has been established for almost a year and would love to add a couple more fish. Currently these are the fish in there: 10 rainbows 5 congo tetras 8 diamond tetras 15 pearl and giant danios 15 neons 6 cory cats 1 angel fish 4 chinese algae eaters Would gouramis work in...
  17. 250 gallon stocking

    I am stocking a tank that is around 250 gallons. I already put in 2 angels, 12 boesemani rainbow fish, and 12 congos. I was thinking about a school of something like cardinals or von rios. Any suggestions?
  18. Stocking 150-175 gallon tank

    The customer said he likes aggressive but just wants a nice looking tank. If I did 2 angels could I also do some schools of rainbows and other schools of smaller fish. Then the angels will be the centerpiece fish. EDIT: I can also re-home the angelfish and start with an empty tank.
  19. Stocking 150-175 gallon tank

    I am stocking a tank that is around 150-175 gallons for a customer. It already has 1 angelfish and is about 4ish inches. I was thinking 5 angels, some sort of rainbow fish school, some other schooling fish, 2 bristlenose plecos, nirite snails, I was also hoping for a tiretrack eel or...
  20. Tank looks empty

    I'll probably just go with some rainbows.

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