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  1. FishFish221

    Platy Has Unknown Illness! Please Help

    The white patches may also be mucus caused by skin flukes (I think that's what they're called and is treatable with praziquantel) in combination with fin rot (treatable with kanaplex if it gets very bad IME or just an increase in water changes).
  2. FishFish221

    Stocking My 40 Gallon

    You should also be able to add 6-12 small schooling fish (black skirt tetras or harlequin rasboras etc.) provided you have adequate filtration. The tiger barbs you plan to add may also be a little nippy towards the pearl gouramis, so that is something you should keep in mind.
  3. FishFish221

    Stocking Ideas For A 15 Gallon

    If it is a standard 15 gallon, with adequate filtration, you should be able to get around 10-15 of the smaller species of tetras (neon, buenos aires, bloodfin, silvertip, rummynose etc). Just be sure to get at least 5 of each species to allow for a large enough school size if you do decide to...
  4. FishFish221

    Molly Having Babies

    It really depends on what you intend to do with them. If you want to keep most of them alive, keeping them in a separate tank will be a better choice. If you want to have only a few survive so the tank doesn't get overpopulated with mollies, just leave them in the tank. Feeding is very...
  5. FishFish221

    Let's Count To 5,000

  6. FishFish221

    Need Advice. Bought 250g Aquarium With A Leak.

    On a side note, make sure the silicone you are using does not contain anything to used to kill mold (basically anything that says "mold free for 10 years" or "mold free"), since those can also kill any future fish you put in there as well. I know someone who had re-siliconed their tank with the...
  7. FishFish221

    Two Mollies Chasing And Bullying A Smaller Mollie

    Looks like aggression, since the molly in the video is constantly picking at the smaller one. Usually, this is to establish a pecking order, but if it persists and is stressing out the molly, it might be best to separate them.
  8. FishFish221

    Stocking Help Please

    The stocking seems okay. In a tank that size, the angelfish and gourami wouldn't really fight much. There is a small chance that the angelfish will attempt to eat the rummynose tetras once they (angelfish) mature.
  9. FishFish221

    Saved This Cute Betta Today :)

    Name it Potato.
  10. FishFish221

    What Fish To Get?!

    2 fancy goldfish (some of the smaller variations, such as ranchu can work) and 5-6 cherry barbs may work, but definitely leave out the gouramis because gouramis prefer temperatures higher than the highest you can keep a goldfish in long term. For goldfish, its best to keep the temperature at...
  11. FishFish221

    Ideal Temperature For Tank Cycling

    Warmer temperatures will make the process faster compared to cooler temperatures, but too warm will kill the bacteria. I would say 72f to 84f, if you wanted to stay safe.
  12. FishFish221

    Air Bubble In Newly Sealed Tank

    It wouldn't really affect the aquarium, because it is mostly the layer of silicone in-between the two panes of glass that are holding the aquarium together. The inner layer of silicone may add a little more strength eliminate the possibility of any leaks, but not much on holding the aquarium...
  13. FishFish221

    What Is This White Stuff Hanging?

    Looks like fungus, which is usually caused by bad water quality or stress. It should be treated by first doing water changes more often, and then treating the tank with fungus medications such as API fungus cure or Seachem Kanaplex.
  14. FishFish221

    Bird Care <3

    I only really used to use their parakeet diet, until switching to all living things because that was $3 cheaper. My budgerigars also refuse to eat pellets (hence why I have a 95% full bag of pellets), and wouldn't eat any of it even if I mixed it in with their normal seed food.
  15. FishFish221

    Filter Flow Rate

    For biological filtration, the more surface area the better. The flow rate really depends on the type of filter you are using. If it is a sponge filter, the flow rate will not really matter. For motor driven filters such as sumps, canister filters and HOB filters, the flow rate should be at...
  16. FishFish221

    Bird Care <3

    (This is in my experience for budgerigars) For the cage size, get as large of a cage as possible, but should be at least be 2 feet by 2 feet by 1.5 feet. They will eat most brands bird seeds mixes made for parakeets, but in my experience some brands just made by birds fat, so its best to stay...
  17. FishFish221

    Slowing Filter Current

    Metal mesh can work short term, but will eventually start rusting after a few months. You can also use filter buffers made out of a water bottle, a suction cup and some filter sponge like in the picture below, or what was said above.
  18. FishFish221

    Algae Metal Blade Scraper

    It can scratch the glass if used improperly, but otherwise it won't be a problem.
  19. FishFish221

    Stocking Suggestions?

    Species such as Corydoras aeneus or Corydoras sterbai will work, so will most other commonly available species.
  20. FishFish221

    Stocking Suggestions?

    They should be okay.

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