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  1. BettaMom98

    Is My Betta Fish Healthy

    He’s a crowntail so his fins are fine, and a lot of bettas can have a glitter to them. Velvet is actually not as common as people think.
  2. BettaMom98

    Sick Betta

    Photos?? And what exactly are the parameters? Can’t tell you how many times people say parameters are perfect or as should be and they turn out not fine.
  3. BettaMom98

    Thoughts On This Dumbo Ear Plakat?

    If you’re not planning on being a breeder then betta conformation isn’t all that important, as long as you like the fish, get the fish.
  4. BettaMom98

    My Petco Is Trying!

    I wish my nearest petsmart did that, they don't even take dead bettas off the shelf, just shuffle them further back. I went in to grab some stuff the other day and found 3!
  5. BettaMom98

    Are These Betta Stress Stripes?

    Usually when they show stress stripes they show other symptoms as well like clamped fins, it could be the very beginning of stress stripes. Is he new?
  6. BettaMom98

    Pricey Feeding For Pricey Betta

    Just a heads up, freeze dried food carries very little nutritional value and can actually be worse for your betta in terms of bloating because of the fillers it contains.
  7. BettaMom98

    Help Do My Bettas Have Velvet

    1. They just have whats called glitter beards, velvet would appear as a fine dust over their entire body. 2. Please for all that is holy do not listen about feeding peas, bettas are not meant to digest plant based matter and it can not only make them more bloated but in some cases kill them if...
  8. BettaMom98

    Divided Tank

    Divided tanks can be great, just make sure that even with the dividers in you have enough water circulation, and if you don’t then try adding a bubbler on the side with less flow.
  9. BettaMom98

    Male Double Tail Won't Eat And Very Lethargic (i've Owned Many Bettas)

    Ouch that nitrite is definitely high. Doesn’t seem like a cycled tank if its reading nitrite that high and registering ammonia.
  10. BettaMom98

    Will He Go Blind??

    He definitely has diamond eye and is either partially or completely blind in that eye, (as well as his other if it’s like that as well.)
  11. BettaMom98

    Cycled Tank Now 0 Readings For Nitrate

    Looks like he’s fin nipping
  12. BettaMom98

    Betta Photos

    First Photo- Detective Daisy Group Photo- left- Baby, Middle- Bellatrix, Right- Angel, then individual photos of those 3, Last Photo- Castiel
  13. BettaMom98

    How Do I Setup A Quarantine Tank For Female Betta Fishes

    I wouldn’t bother with the duckweed because of the constant water changes. It’ll make it harder.
  14. BettaMom98

    How Do I Setup A Quarantine Tank For Female Betta Fishes

    Set them up as individual tanks with a bubbler. That way even if you think they look healthy now but they do end up showing signs of sickness then you can treat it easier. 50%-70% water changes daily. It’s totally fine, always better to ask questions and learn new information that can help you...
  15. BettaMom98

    Funny Betta Caption Time!

    Same though...
  16. BettaMom98

    Help Got My 1st Test Kit

    I always test for high and low ph in all my tanks so I can get the most accurate read possible. You’re readings look good.
  17. BettaMom98

    Funny Betta Caption Time!

    Oh my god a camera, hold on I gotta suck in my stomach. *think skinny thoughts, think skinny thoughts!*
  18. BettaMom98

    Help Got My 1st Test Kit

    Yes, always make sure to rinse out the test tubes/ caps with water afterwards, let air dry, then store. Always make sure you follow the directions to the T, otherwise you may not get an accurate reading.
  19. BettaMom98

    Betta Feeding/bloating

    Hmm can you post a video?
  20. BettaMom98

    How Do I Setup A Quarantine Tank For Female Betta Fishes

    1. I would just use the 1 gallons and perform water changes daily. 2. A couple of weeks to a month is usually a good amount of time. 3. If they don't have symptoms don’t needlessly medicate, you could add a little bit of stress coat however to help with the transitional stress. 4. Since you...

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