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    Gas prices...

    $4.15 - $4.20 for regular in my area...
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    moving my pirahna

    where did you get a red belli pirahna? aint that illegal to own in the United States?
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    Getting out of the hobby

    think of it this way, is an extra 4.50$ for gas worth your life? just soething to think about =) i would stick with a car much more safer just my 2cents =)
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    New here

    thanks looking forwared to meeting alot more people and getting some help =)
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    over all i'm going to buy a bigger thanks just to house the betta in so they are more happy then just a small tank =)
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    Updates on all of my tanks :O

    thats some nice tanks you have running, love the fry thank tho, when i was born i never had anything that nice lol, and the first betta in the video (red) thats for sure a male.
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    Tom's Tank Journal

    thats a nice setup, clean and easy love it.
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    My Community Tank

    thats nice and clean, i would put some shrimps in there just so there is movement at the bottom sand also... that would be sick as ... lol
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    My 29 Gallon Aquarium

    dude this tank is awesome, what did you have for the plants?
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    for option "B" thats what you call a switch-a-runey or a houdini lol
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    true, i'll look into picking one up soon or maybe a few idk lol i think petco might have a tank sale if so i'm picking up a few just n case =)
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    Random Picture Post Thread

    that snowman photo is SICK !!! on Christmas i have a new hobby lol
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    Just my lil picspam

    that geko is nasty i will never touch one of that lol, but the betta, now thats nice... where did u find a betta like that?
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    not a bad idea but wont that just be the same as a 5 gallon tank if i get a divide the 10 gallon tanks?
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    Wildlife at the farm

    thats nice big open space... imagin how many fish tank can be set up there lol j/k i wish i can be at place like this but stuck in the city side xD
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    i mean that couldbe the reason why but its rare that they jump up tho, but your right maybe a 1 gallon is to small i'll look into a 5 gallon tank
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    Pics from my iPhone

    i'm with you, petsmart all the way, maybe its just my LFS petco that dont care but yea most of the damage is done in the fish area tho... sad to see a store that clains they know what they are doing but turns out 30-50% of the fish they have are dead or returns and the funny thing is that even...
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    betta with brackish water?

    people use almond leafs and it turns the water brackish i have no idea, they say its for heath etc etc and for breeding something like that just though i see if any one knows anything about it
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    betta fish jumped out of its gallon tank

    no they are jumping cause i have the males flaring at each other at night (forgot to cover the top and from the seeing each other)
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    R.I.P Fred

    that sucks, pleacos are awesome fish,,, =(

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