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  1. Good stock for 75 gallon?

    I'm about to start setting up a 75 gallon tank. This is the plan for the stocking: 1.elephant nose- not sure how many i've read they are aggressive and should be kept alone and i've also read in groups of 3+. Which is it? 2.2-3 Blood Parrot Cichlids 3. 4-5 Angelfish 4. 2 Bala Sharks 5. 1...
  2. stocking idea for a 75 gallon

    I am getting a 75 gallon tank soon. here is what i plan on getting: 1 african ropefish 6 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark and i would like to have some cichlids, so please leave some suggestions on types of cichlids i should get. thank you!
  3. Am I Ready for A salwater aquarium?

    I have had a 10 gallon freshwater tank since July '09. I have researched all kinds of saltwater tank information. If I get one i know to get a protein skimmer, live rock, sand, and i plan on getting a filter. I also know what brand to get. I want to either get a 55 or 75 gallon tank, probably a...
  4. What shouls i add to my ten gallon?

    I'm going to add some more fish to my ten gallon. i have 2 male guppies and 2 albino cories. What do you think i should add? thanks.
  5. Saltwater newbie setting up 55 gallon FOWLR.

    I have gotten experienced with freshwater and have been looking into to saltwater. I have done tons of research and have spent at least an hour, sometimes up to six hours a day on saltwater.So I just got my tank. i have hooked the powerhead and protein skimmer on the tank but they are not...
  6. is my idea for my 75 gallon tank stock good?

    i want: 1 black ghost knife 2 angel fish 1 african ropefish 1 rainbow shark 5 tiger barbs 8 serpae tetras 3 khuli lloaches/clown loaches can i keep an elephant nose with a black ghost knife? thank you!
  7. what should i add to my 10 gallon?

    i have 2 albino corys, 1 red tiger platy, and 2 male guppies. what should i add? my glowlight tetras died and i found them a week later under an ornament with no tails or heads. what do you think i should add?
  8. What should i feed the fish in my 90 gallon?

    I have 1 black ghost knife, 5 tiger barbs,1 african ropefish, 8 serpae tetras,2 angelfish, 1 rainbow shark, 3 kuhli loaches, and 1 elephant nose. what should i feed them? i have been putting 2 raw shrimps in there, chopped up of course. and pellets, 1 cube of frozen bloodworms, and tetramin...
  9. i want to set up a Saltwater tank

    I have an empty ten gallon that i want to set up. i am going to get about 15 lbs of live rock, and i would like to get enough lighting to keep coral. do ineed a protein skimmer? i only want an ocellaris clown fish in it. i have a a saltwater noob.
  10. Disappearing Fish!!!!!!!

    I have a ten gallon tank. it has/had the following fish: 1 red tiger platy, 2 albino corys, 2 glowlight tetras, and 2 male guppies. tonight i fed them and looked around. the glowlights were missing! i have no clue what happened to them. i searched the gravel and the filter and in the plants...
  11. Live Rock Question

    i got a 125 gallon fish tank. i have put on a filter and a protein skimmer. my question is do i have to put live rock in it? its is really exspensive, and i want to just put around 10 lbs in there. i want to just put regular rocks in there to create caves and hiding places. i have live sand , too.
  12. Guppy question

    Hi I am new to fishlore and this is my first post. so i have a question about my tank. right now it has 2 glowlight tetras and 2 albino cories.i plan to get one more cory and 2 more glowlight tetras, 1 dwarf gourami, 1 african dwarf frog. i want to know if i can put two guppies in there too. it...

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