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  1. Do You Have Any Picky Eaters In Your Tank?

    Never heard of a fish refusing pellets before, except for wild-caught. Guess there's a first for everything.
  2. Do You Have Any Picky Eaters In Your Tank?

    I've heard a couple interesting stories about picky fish and was just wondering if any of you have some in your tanks. My betta isn't really picky, but he refuses to eat bloodworms. Has no qualms about nibbling on the sinking brine shrimp pellets when I treat my corys to them, though.
  3. Caring For Platy Fry?

    Thank you! Sorry for the late response; I was actually fishing more fry out of the tank, haha. She's given us six more already! I'm not sure what I'll do with all of these guys.
  4. Caring For Platy Fry?

    My mom and I got platies for our tanks, and one of hers ended up being pregnant. She has since given birth to fry. We've discovered three so far. Her tank is a 10 gallon, cycled, filtered, and heated. We have another 10 gallon we can raise the fry in since she wants to keep them (some of them, anyway), but...
  5. Possibly Sick Cory?

    Possibly? We got him from a PetSmart, which I know isn't ideal, but it's one of the nicer ones I've been to and the nearest fish store is an hour and a half away. One of the employees is very knowledgeable and the only reason I got into fishkeeping at all... I'll try calling them tomorrow.
  6. Possibly Sick Cory?

    Sorry for the late response, I was performing at a concert. Any ideas what it might be? It still moves around, but I haven't seen it eat (but neither has my other new fish, since they're in a new tank).
  7. Possibly Sick Cory?

    I'm not sure yet whether the emerald cory actually sick or not, so I'm not filling out the template. If anybody thinks that it is sick, though, I will. It's a 29 gallon tank, moderately planted. My tests came out at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10-20 nitrates. There are two other emerald corys and one...
  8. When To Stop Treating For Ich?

    The filter for the eventual QT is still a week out, and that may be delayed because of some bad snowstorms we’re anticipating. I have an extra cartridge and sponge running in my current filter that have been in there for maybe a month now. Should I just keep the heat high until the filter...
  9. When To Stop Treating For Ich?

    Do you have any suggestions for how I can treat the tank without harming my corys or invertebrates? I have a tank I can temporarily move the corys to, but I don’t have an additional filter (there’s one on the way so I can actually have a QT tank and avoid this in the future), so there’s no way...
  10. Help Question About My Cycle

    You’ll want clarification from someone more experienced than me, but I believe you are correct. I’ve never used TSS+, but a tank is cycled when there isn’t any ammonia or nitrites and there are nitrates. I don’t think elevated nitrates are an issue for the bacteria, but generally, you want to...
  11. When To Stop Treating For Ich?

    Long story short, I didn’t have a quarantine tank and introduced an infected fish to my 29 gallon. It didn’t show any signs of ich upon purchase, there weren’t any sick or dead fish in the tank with him (or any others, that I noticed), etc. Unfortunately, it passed away shortly after. For the last...
  12. Is Bloodstone Safe For The Aquarium?

    Well, that's useful to know. Thank you!
  13. Is Bloodstone Safe For The Aquarium?

    I'm not sure whether or not there's a more specific name for it. We've always called it bloodstone (and my grandpa was a geomorphologist/geologist, and he called it bloodstone). Anyone know anything about it, in terms of whether it'll change pH, release heavy metals, etc.?
  14. 29 Gallon Tank Plant-safe Centerpiece Fish Suggestions?

    I was hoping to get a school of some kind of tetra in addition to a slightly larger fish, but I've been focusing mostly on the corys, so I haven't looked too much at parameters, stocking, etc. Looking at what the lfs keeps in stock will probably help, too.
  15. 29 Gallon Tank Plant-safe Centerpiece Fish Suggestions?

    I realize 29 is bare minimum for angels and not necessarily ideal. My dwarf gourami was really stressed out in a 10 gallon, when they allegedly do okay in tanks that small (he was too busy glass-surfing to ever bother my plants in the 10, I guess; in the 29, he stripped most of the stems of their...
  16. 29 Gallon Tank Plant-safe Centerpiece Fish Suggestions?

    My dwarf gourami just died by the DGIV (I believe that's what it's called?). I'm already planning on going to a local fish store I just discovered this coming Saturday, and am wondering what "centerpiece" fish I could keep an eye out for. I love angelfish, but my gourami absolutely devoured my...
  17. Help Cory Foggy Eye?

    Okay, thanks a lot! I was worried it would go blind in that eye or something.
  18. Help Cory Foggy Eye?

    I just noticed that one of my emerald cory catfish has a sort of web on his eye. Or, around it? The eye itself seems clear, but there's this translucent patch surrounding it. It's not fuzzy, and none of my other corys have anything like it, either. Tank What is the water volume of the tank...
  19. New Plants Suggestions?

    Forgot to actually attach the picture of the tank.
  20. New Plants Suggestions?

    I have a 29 gallon tank right now that's already planted, but I was looking to add some new plants and wondered if anybody would have any suggestions? I'm not sure of any specifics, but I think I may want a smaller foreground plant, possibly carpeting (dwarf sag?) or a bushier mid-ground/background...

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