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  1. Marineland Marketing Genius

    It is genius marketing to put the fish tank next to pool table....gotta sell more fish tanks and if a pool ball breaks the tank, time to buy a new tank!
  2. Want To Buy Cpds

    Please close this thread. Blackwater Aquatics hooked me up. Thank you.
  3. Want To Buy Cpds

    Looking to buy 20+ cpds (galaxy rasbora). Must be willing to ship. Thank you.
  4. 10 Gallon Tank Most Invincible Fish For A 10

    I like a lot of the suggestions above. Currently I have a pea puffer in a 10 gallon going on 2 yrs now. Don’t feel like the puffer is that sensitive or difficult to care for.
  5. Do I Need A Bubble Wall?

    Nothing really to add here except I think it’s really cool you and your dad took this on together. Hope you both enjoy it for years to come!
  6. Any Welders Out There?

    From my brother (professional welder): “Depends how much they want to spend. I’d suggest a Miller , easy to set up . Hobart makes a good welder but the ones they sell at Lowe’s and tractor supply are junk . I’d pay extra $100 or so and go to Praxair or Dale . That way u can get replacement parts...
  7. Any Welders Out There?

    My dad was a welding instructor and my brother does it for a living. I weld on the side helping my brother on jobs when I can. I will ask them for their input and get back to you.
  8. Least Favorite Aquarium Fish?

    Since the title of the thread says “least favorite aquarium fish” I have to go with fish that are considered “monstrous”. To numerous to list but too many of these fish are not suitable for any aquarium. Many of these fish are not understood very well, are migratory, pelagic, long lived...
  9. Left Light On For 10 Days Straight...

    You could also buy a timer if your light can work with one. For a few bucks, they’re worth every penny.
  10. Have You Ever Came Home With The Wrong Fish?

    I’ve never gotten the wrong fish but I’ve witnessed stores mislabel fish and people buy the mislabeled fish. Most recently I saw beckford pencilfish labeled as roseline sharks (Denison barb). Pencilfish run about $3; roselines about $10.
  11. Cares Program

    Very interesting and the first I’ve heard of it. I will be following as well. Thank you for sharing!
  12. General Questions- 29 Gallon

    On my own 29 gallon at home, I am using 2 shop lights I got from Home Depot, each one about $15. Super bright and growing plants easily. The tank happens to have hair grass and it’s doing great. These lights were a stop gap until we move but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I eventually will...
  13. Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Not sure where you’re getting milk but I ❤️ Milk! Why would a dairy farmer abuse the main source of their income? I grew up working farms, including dairy farms and I’ve never witnessed abuse (not saying it doesn’t happen) but it wouldn’t make sense.
  14. Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Drinking the leftover milk is extremely important! Must do so at a pace that the milk does not rush out of the bowl, hit the corner of the mouth, and dribble down the chin requiring a swipe with the sleeve.
  15. Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Made stuffed green peppers the other day and completely forgot to take a picture. But here is the recipe. Can substitute what ever meat you want or no meat at all (I used venison): 6 large green peppers Chopped onion-about medium sized Chopped zucchini Rice- about 2 cups already cooked (I...
  16. Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Congrats on the wedding!
  17. Help Injured Fish - Need Help

    I’ve never used Stress Guard. I’d keep the water clean as possible with frequent water changes.
  18. Question Is This Sand Stone?

    Hard to identify from the picture. If it passed the vinegar test, I wouldnt have a problem using them especially if it’s just temporary. Generally speaking, it takes a long time for most rocks to have any effect on water chemistry. I collect rocks from local creeks, rivers, lakes, woods, yard, etc.
  19. Where To Purchase Live Fish?

    Try TRiNs fish. I’ve found their shipping more reasonable but it may also depend on how far and what is being shipped. If your local stores are that bad, you’re still ahead ordering online if you’re dealing with sick fish, dead fish, medications, quarantining, and everything else that goes...
  20. Aluminum Bad For Fish & Snails? Opinions......

    countryrain unfortunately the link takes you to either the DIY section of fishlore or if you click on tank divider, it takes you to amazon lol.

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