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    Suddenly Froze My Glowlights

    I had gotten the water temp just perfect (78 degrees) and was using my python to fill my 10 Gallon QT tank. I look over and suddenly 2 then 3 of my previously healthy glowlight tetras are swimming wobbly then belly up on the bottom! It took me a few seconds to realize the water must be super...
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    Neons Are My Hardiest Fish

    In the year I’ve had my tanks up and running, I don’t think I’ve lost a single neon (other than maybe one or two within 24 hours of bringing them home from the store despite drip acclimation). In the past 3 months we’ve had some trials with our tank and have lost some or most of every kind...
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    Replace Amazon Sword With What?

    This Amazon sword is getting too big and I’d like to replace it with another somewhat tall focus plant that doesn’t take up as much space. Any ideas? And yes, the rotala needs to be trimmed and there is algae from a light imbalance. I had pneumonia so things got a little neglected for a month.
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    Bba And Now Blue/green Algae From Co2

    I tried a DIY CO2 setup for a couple days again with my 75 gallon a couple months back. (I know, I know, I’m done experimenting.) Then I got a BBA outbreak and now it’s turning to blue/green algae with less BBA. I also now have snails (probably from overfeeding, and new plants, I’ve struggled...
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    Diy Co2 Attempt Take 2

    I want to make sure I am doing this correctly this time. (Last time I didn’t use a bubble counter so it was running too high and I also used pH swing from 8.2 to 6.6 in a couple hours) I realize they advise against doing DIY in a 75 Gallon tank but I wanted to try. I used 200 g...
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    Bristlenose Pleco?

    There are soooo many types of pleco and this sort of looks like a bristlenose to me but I want to make sure. It's about 3 years old and maybe 5".
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    Cobalt Zebra Cichlid?

    8 years old, maybe 6" long.
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    New Sunsun Won't Seal

    I have searched and found threads about in-use SunSun canister filters that started to leak. This is a new out of the box 304B, I think I have the head and gasket seated properly, pushed down the lid well, locked all four latches in place...and when I tip it over water courses out. The gasket is...
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    Going From 55 To 75

    I finally got my 55 where I liked it and then decided to upgrade to a 75 so I had more room for plants. As I was taking out the ornaments I was struck with how pretty the fish looked swimming amongst/under the Amazon sword. Here's the 55. And here's the beginnings of the 75. Any ideas...
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    Black Diamond Blasting Media Sand Pictures Of Washing

    I washed some more black diamond "sand" (actually coal slag) and took pictures of each step. I know when I first got some I was wanting pictures to know what to expect. I got one 50 pound bag of the medium grit (20/40). It doesn't feel sharp and my cories do fine in it. It doesn't cut or hurt...
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    I bought a tank from someone who had this fish in another tank. She called it a "bumblebee something". What is it? Freshwater.
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    Tips For Transferring Tanks?

    I'm upgrading from my planted 55 gallon to a new 75 gallon tank. I plan to just transfer everything over from 55 to 75. Any tips, even mildly "well-duh" ones, that might help the process go smoother? I think I'll put the fish (5 hatchets, 8 neons, 5 cherry barbs, 2 Bolivian Rams, 6 cories, 2...
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    Glass Canopy For Planted Tank?

    I currently have a 55 gal low tech planted tank with a Finnex 24/7 planted plus and a glass canopy. The seam for the canopy runs right down the middle, the long way, so the light has to be placed along the back or along the front but not in the middle. How do you all keep a lid on with...
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    White Patch On Cherry Barb?

    I've googled possible diseases and can't find anything. I noticed this cherry barbs has been swimming weakly in one area of the tank all day and just now at 8pm noticed a small white patch on it's side. It doesn't appear to be like ich symptoms. I'll test my water parameters shortly and get back...
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    Snail Poop

    Is this snail poop from the one nerite snail? If it is, it's all come suddenly! It wasn't there yesterday. Is that normal?
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    Upgrading From 55 To 75

    I have a 55 gallon that I feel like I don't have enough room for mid/foreground plants so I thought a 75 gallon would be good to upgrade to. My tank stand is good for 55-75 gallon. I have the following equipment and wonder what I would need to upgrade to for the 75 gallon. Hoping to upgrade as...
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    Vegetative Or Flower?

    This is an offshoot of my Amazon sword. Is that a plantlet that will grow roots and I can pick off eventually? Or is it a flower stalk? My rosette sword was much more compact and grew roots before I pinched them off. I have done this twice now and have two more beautiful rosette swords.
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    Xy 2822 (plus Canister) Sufficient For 75 Gal?

    I have a 55 gal and am thinking of upgrading to 75 gallon to fit more plants. I have a Marineland C220 canister filter (with a sponge prefilter on the intake) plus two XY 2822 filters going. Would this be sufficient still on a 75 gallon? We currently have the following fish: 5 silver hatchet...
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    Bloated, Dying Cory

    I just noticed one of my false Julii cories is terribly bloated (possibly open wound) and near death. Can you help ID this in case the other 5 cories catch it? 55 gallon tank 75 degrees F pH 8.0 GH 7 KH 8 Ammonia/nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 I did recently (1.5 weeks ago) have a horrible snafu...
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    Striped Raphael Catfish?

    I bought a fish tank today that came with several fish (that I'll be rehoming to appropriate homes). I was told this was a Banjo catfish but it does not look like the google images. It looks more like a stripe Raphael catfish. Am I correct? Thanks!

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