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  1. luckdown

    Frag Tank For Betta?

    Do you guys think using a frag tank would be q good idea for bettas? I'm looking into setting up a rack / system for rescuing bettas again and have stumbled across frag tanks and they seem like a great size for bettas. But what do you guys think? It seems like they'd be better for breeding...
  2. luckdown

    Having Fun With My Tanks!

    I shall upload pics of tanks here to show you all the things I'm doing! 8D but I'm also lazy and like am not on my phone so for now.. mission giant betta bowl! Just got it cleaned up and filled with water, but its cloudy cuz some of the dirt so I'll take pics once it calms itself down XD
  3. luckdown

    Making My Kitty A Wallpaper <3

    WELL ITS FOR ME FOR MY PHONE BUT SHH I also set it as my avatar here LOL its not done yet but I'm loving how its coming out <3 I think the next one I'm gonna do is of my new betta boy 8D he's so pretty I really want to do custom wallpaper commissions for people cuz pet art! <3 but have no...
  4. luckdown

    Want To Buy Plant Trimmings Or Fry

    If anyone has to trim their plants I'd love to purchase the trimmings off you ;o; <3 I've been having fun trimming my plants and growing more plants from them. So I would love to get more plants that grow that way lol likewise if you have too many fry I'd love to take those off your hands...
  5. luckdown

    Odd Deaths

    So I'm having a bit of a problem in my 40 gallon breeder tank. Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates (currently) 10 Nitrates had been a lot higher (80ish?) and I did several water changes to get them down to 20, then the plants have been taking care of the rest. stocking is my livebearers but the...
  6. luckdown

    Fish Photo Booth Build Help?

    Wasnt sure which category to put this in, so I figured here would be fine, if not can a mod help please? ;o; <3 (and also sorry for the dumb) I think I saw on here before that someone had made a small tank setup for taking pictures of their fish, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do...
  7. luckdown

    Want To Buy Java Moss, Guppy Grass, Duckweed / Floating Plants

    Hey guys! I'm looking for Java Moss (or any other moss really), Guppy Grass, and duckweed or like a random mix of floating plants. I wanna start up a shrimp tank, or a tank with like daphnia, scuds, etc. But I need all the plants first ;o; I'm also a fan of crypt but idk if it is a smart...
  8. luckdown

    Looking For Fry (adults Fine Too Lol)!

    I feel like its time to get in some new babies >D idk why but I prefer to get my fish as fry, more fun that way. I'm really interested in Platies / Swordtails I love mollies but they'd have to be older fry as newborns and tiny little things tend to not do well in my tanks (not sure why? but...
  9. luckdown

    Is This A Common Pleco?

    Pretty sure he is but I have no clue XD help please?
  10. luckdown

    What To Stock A 75 Gallon With?

    SO! My dad just brought me home my surprise tank that he been told me about XD (a very late bday present he took from his friend who bought a house that came with random empty tanks) Turns out its a 75 gallon tank, yay! He made me think it'd be a bit bigger buuutt this is still pretty big...
  11. luckdown

    Banana Slug Buddy!

    I've been wanting one of these for years and I've finally gotten myself one! I'm so excited XD and also I know nothing about slugs so I'm hoping I dont murder my little guy ;o; But yeah XD just wanted to show him off! Also, he needs a name if anyone wants to help me think of one >D (he may be a...
  12. luckdown

    Black Platy Babies Ahh

    Omg! My breeding project has randomly produced two black platy fry! There's also one almost black one but it has more of a really dark red look to it. Sadly can't get good pictures but once I do I'll show them off! The black fry have some dark red spots but they're hard to see unless you're...
  13. luckdown

    Platy Boy Needs Help

    He was in a tank that had an ammonia spike (its fine now) due to a die off of guppies and I didn't catch a few of the bodies cuz they got stuck in the filter somehow xP He ended up getting fungus pretty bad and I've been doing frequent water changes for him and while he seems better he still...
  14. luckdown

    Insanely Bent Spine Help!

    I need help! I bought these guys off aquabid and they were stuck over the weekend (my fault, couldn't get out of work in time). And their spines are CRAZY bent. What do I do? Please tell me its not TB. There's a few who looked fine. I separated both into two different quarentines sorta...
  15. luckdown

    Anyone Have Extra Fry?

    I wanna buy random fish babies and watch them grow up and love on them. I love all the fishies, so if anyone has any excess they're willing to part with lemme know! :3
  16. luckdown

    Art Dump!

    My fish babies Pluto and Roxxie I liked this and now I don't xD I need to draw fish more. Fish are fun
  17. luckdown

    Rescaping My Tanks Today!

    I now have lots and lots of plants since I learned how to stop killing everything. So round 3? Of trying to redo things! I have no idea what I'm doing xP or what I want to do D: help? Also in the process of sanding down some new driftwood. I also cut off an ugly part I hated before I even...
  18. luckdown

    Fish For Sale

    Anyone need any feeder fish? Just went through my tanks and have about 50 reject platy and guppy juveniles .35 per reject I also have about 40 nicer quality ones .50 per nicer one Or if anyone wants a breeding trio I have a few I could pair up (nicest looking ones only) $2 for a trio of the...
  19. luckdown

    Culling Female Guppies

    What do you look for when removing the female guppies you don't want breeding? And what about to chose which of your females is the best one to allow to continue breeding? I'm doing culls right now and can't figure out what to look for for the female guppies. I have a general idea for the males...
  20. luckdown

    Supply Run Help

    I need to do a supply run soon. Water conditioner, better food and meds. Can anyone help me come up with a list of what I should get so I don't forget anything? I currently use chewy for my supplies, is there a better online store to buy them from? Current list: Prime Water clarifier...

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